Friday, March 18, 2022

Best Hanna-Barbera book! glad we got it when it came out! goes for a fortune now




Hadji! Look out below!

The Daydreamer

Here is a rare newspaper clipping passed on to me by my pal Dale!   The photograph is from the May, 1965 Levine/Videocraft signing at the Time-Life Building in New York.  Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Joseph E. Levine are on the left and Jules Bass and Maury Laws are on the right.   The two closest to the camera, were Levine associates.  It is interesting to see The Daydreamer on the easel.   You can still pick up our blu ray from Kino Lorber/Scorpion of The Daydreamer, with commentary by Lee Gambin and myself.

From our appearance at Haunting In Hammond a few Halloween's ago! Dennis Riordan took these shots