Saturday, May 27, 2023

I like the house...but not so fond of the neighborhood anymore..

Good Morning! Good Morning! The Best to you each morning. K E LL O GG' s Kellogg's best to you!


Things are really heating up this Memorial day weekend! Lots of books, dvds, cds, shirts, etc. going out in the mail today!


It's Vincent's birthday today too! #vincentprice #victoriaprice #irontail

Happy Birthday to Lee!

Maury Laws leant me his sheet music to "Don't give your love away" from Cricket on the Hearth, many years ago, and it did not feature Ed Ames on the cover. It featured another favorite, Jack Jones. #rankinbassproductionsofficial #Jackjones #Cricketonrhehearth

Friday, May 26, 2023

I did a North Pole Radio Program Podcast today with Matt Spaulding. I will post when I get the link next week!

 Here is my Rankin/Bass' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ReMind magazine article, in case you missed it:

I got the word today that the Mad Monster Party blu ray deluxe materials just arrived.   I will be getting mine shortly.  The individual Blu Ray orders have already been shipping.  In my opinion, this is the BEST Rankin/Bass blu ray release to date!


My late friend Allen Swift (Itchy), Jackson Beck (King Leonardo) and Kenny Delmar (The Hunter). I just recorded my North Pole podcast interview...will share soon. #Kingleonardoandhisshortsubjects

As I watch the New Superman remasters, I think of my late Columbia College Chicago animation teacher, Gordon Sheehan. Gordon worked on these at the Fleischer studios. He often brought film prints to class and we watched Superman. He started out on Betty Boop and Popeye and talked about the life drawing classes at the studio, to prepare the animators for Superman. I went to an event for Gordon at the Animation Plus! Gallery, shortly after I had him as a teacher (I have photos I took of him in front of Betty Boop cels). He was also the first person to tell me about the old Hillside Hollywood show, where I picked up many Rankin/Bass things! #Superman #Gordonsheehan #teacher #animator #legend

Have you seen all of our Official designs in our TEE PUBLIC Store? It is the only place for officially licensed Rankin/Bass designs.