Saturday, December 21, 2019

Happy Birthday to my Sister Lindsey!

What a magical Saturday!

Merry Christmas from the North Pole!

What a Beautiful and Magnificent day at Santa's Village today! Thanks to all who came out and Merry Christmas!

You better not Pout! Santa News update!

Ten times as big as a man!

Frosty is running just a little bit late!

From what I understand from the printer, I will be shipping the book sometime this Christmas week, but Frosty will probably make it to you just after the holiday!  Like I said before, this was out of my control.  There are also some other books that were back-ordered that I am picking up Monday and shipping out that day!  Between my appearances and the massive orders we received at
Demand was much greater than supply, but I will get to all of the orders with my personal attention!  Wes is working on a greeting message/email that you can give the person, if you were planning as a Christmas gift.   Like I said, everything is just days away from shipping BUT Christmas is in 4 days.

Sam Saturday

Today! I am told my interview with the Smithsonian Magazine will be up Monday!

I helped with this small Japanese book release (with many images and info from my Rudolph book) shortly after my book was released in 2001. Photograph C. 2019 CBS NEWS/Jake Barlow

C. 2019 CBS NEWS/Jake Barlow

Friday, December 20, 2019

I was all set to pick up books, sign and draw in them all night and get them all out tomorrow for Chrstmas delivery....but the printer messaged late and said they didn't have any ready.

For the last several years we had a guy named Denny, who made sure our Christmas books were ready for Christmas delivery, no matter what.  Unfortunately, he retired last June.   I did my Frosty book work early in 2019, last January to be exact, so that we would make Christmas, unfortunately all of this was out of my control.  The Printer is telling me that some of the books will be done on Monday, which means they won't make Christmas by mail.   I apologize for those who are waiting for books, but all of this was out of my control.   If it was in my control, the books would be under your Christmas tree.  I will post updates here as I get them.   I will ship books as soon as I have them.

Santa Claus Saturday! Fingers crossed the printer will have books done today! They have had all kinds of problems with their machines this past week, but I am preying books will be done to mail Saturday and make Christmas for everyone! I have been on pins and needles, because it has been out of my control this season! I will keep everyone posted here!

Author and Rankin/Bass Productions historian Rick Goldschmidt has written several books about the classic shows and specials done by the company. Some books include “The Making of Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town and The Daydreamer” and “The Making of the Rankin/Bass Holiday Classic: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Rick is my guest on today’s “Breaking It Down” at 2pm EST on LI News Radio 103.9FM, or online at the link below. The show can also be heard on the Florida stations 900-AM (The Talk of the Palm Beaches) and 104.9-FM (The Talk of Gainesville). You can also now listen to past and future broadcasts of the show on iHeartRadio on their website. — with Frank MacKay, Lee DioGuardi Buono and Rick Goldschmidt.

I want to Thank everyone for coming out for a night of laughs at the Comedy Shrine in Aurora tonight! A fun Rankin/Bass holiday event that I won't soon forget! 🤣 #Christmas #holidayseason2019 #rickgoldschmidtappearance