Saturday, October 02, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remembering Jimmy 55 years later...09-30-2010

Jimmy's cousin Marcus Winslow and I outside the Winslow home (Where Jimmy grew up)

Pretty soon....Rudolph & Frosty will be showing up!


I like the cool weather!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my pal Patrick Owsley!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

THE FLINSTONES' 50th Anniversary!

THE FLINSTONES are celebrating their 50th this Thursday night and BOOMERANG is airing a STONETACULAR at 7:30pm and airing the first Flintstones episode at the time it originally aired (7:30pm Central) along with a few other episodes and the feature film THE MAN CALLED FLINTSTONE!


My pal Lil' Mitchell just got back from Japan and brought me a BOZO Knickerbocker doll :)

My pal Mitch O' Connell sent me these tonight! I remember that my Mom and my brother were given the COOKY Button and I have one like the button in the middle! There is a sticker on the back of the COOKY button for a business in Palos Heights (Which is near where I live).


Speaking of cool...I am very impressed with my Brothers' new CD release available today! It was the #1 seller today at Lots of cool hooks, Great guitar and bass and Robin's voice never sounded better!

I must say...this is Very cool!
I didn't realize it BUT the KING KONG BLU RAY book is already out! The print is supposed to be improved from previous releases!

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Another great ad Ron Murphy gave me... My friend Dennis Riordan (Bass Player of THE STARVING ARTISTS) interviewed with KELLOGG'S this time last year.
One of my favorite models in my collection! Our mailman ran over a snake near my mailbox yesterday...



I just had to write something about this :) WORST BUY would make a great WACKY PACKAGE sticker....BUT it is also true! I have spent a great deal of money at the store over the years and probably my last dollar recently. I have noticed a great change in the retail outlet in the last few years and today's newspaper ad says it all! They created this new concept called "DOORBUSTER SPECIAL." They are offering a so-called discount, if you come into the store during the first two hours of business Tuesday (I guess that means a discount to the unemployed). Their IRON MAN 2 BLU RAY single disc will be $19.99 ($2 more than every other store) for the first two hours and then shoot up to $22.99 for the rest of the day and there after :) While TARGET and has a price of $17.99 all day and there after. I already ordered mine from with no tax and free shipping. I am wondering how BEST BUY stays open? They are not far behind BLOCKBUSTER with their sales tactics. They stopped advertising classic TV series and movies and advertise things like SCRUBS season 7 (Final season)? Who is buying this crap?! They don't even carry the classic stuff in the store anymore. Their stock is lousy and their employees don't know anything.
from TARGET's Sunday newspaper ad

This holiday season....

I am hearing good things about this production....which I think is a good idea! I just got a call from Jon Waterhouse (Writer for an ATLANTA newspaper), who interviewed me last Christmas for an article about RANKIN/BASS, and he says the puppets created for this are truly amazing and he would like me to come out to see the show! The museum did house the original SANTA & RUDOLPH a few Christmas holidays ago and I have a good friendship with Alan Louis there (Who I met in New York). Sounds like something to try to see!
looks like WB is issueing seperate discs of FOGHORN LEGHORN (There may be some new cartoons on this disc) and SYLVESTER & TWEETY (All of which have been previously released in the box sets). Many are complaining about the cropping of cartoons, etc. My biggest complaint is the horrible cover art.


Ron Murphy and I love this old commercial campaign! It looks like it was designed by Ed Benedict or one of the old animation greats! We have several commercials on tape and Ron found these two print ads and sent them to me.