Saturday, January 31, 2009


Did an enjoyable podcast that you can download at: It is also available at under ERIC CHILTON and his co-host MILA. It was GREAT to talk with the legendary voice of RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER .... BILLIE MAE RICHARDS and her daughter CYNDI! Check it out!

Tom Repetny's studio

Josh and I paid a visit to Tom Repetny's studio tonight! Tom is one of the Producers on the MANCOW radio show that I have made appearances on in Chicago.

Rick with a Rick

Thursday, January 29, 2009

We wrote a few new songs tonight, that I am really excited about. One is called "X-KE" and we did some more work on "Tom Margarites."

Den on the LES PAUL Bass! We had an awesome Thursday night practice and are lining up some shows in the Northbrook area, Northside of Chicago, etc.

Chris Wolfson's drum kit ala Ringo Starr!

BILLIE MAE RICHARDS on the radio w/ me

BILLIE MAE RICHARDS may join me on the radio this Saturday! More info to follow!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AMAZING CD master!

Gary Matheson made me a NEW cd master for our HERE COMES PETER COTTONTAIL CD from the RANKIN/BASS archives! I listened to it tonight and LOVED it! It is amazing! Here are the tracks: 1. Here Comes Peter Cottontail (1971) main theme-Danny Kaye 2. In Spring, the Easter Bunny Never sleeps - Danny Kaye 3. In Spring, The Easter Bunny Always Sleeps - Vincent Price 4. If I Could Only Get Back To Yesterday - Danny Kaye 5. When You Can't Get It All Together, Improvise - Danny Kaye 6. Waltz For A Witch - Instrumental 7. Be Mine Today - Casey Kasem/Iris Rainer 8. The Puzzle Of Life - Danny Kaye 9. End Title - Danny Kaye 10. The First Easter Rabbit (1976) "There's That Rabbit" - Burl Ives SUNSHINE BISCUITS master 11. Easter Parade - Burl Ives 12. End Title (Instrumental) 13. The Easter Bunny Is Comin' To Town (1977) Main Title - Fred Astaire 14. The Easter Bunny Is Comin' To Town - End Title (Instrumental) 15. King Kong 1966 Main/Interlude/End Title 16. King Kong - Maury Laws Orchestra (EPIC Single) 17. Tom Of T.H.U.M.B. - Maury Laws Orchestra (Epic) 18. King Kong - Wade Denning & The Port Washingtons (LEO LP-Amazing TV Themes) 19. The Ballad Of Smokey The Bear - The Harry Simeone Chorale (Columbia Single) 20. Anyone Can Move A Mountain - The Harry Simeone Chorale (Columbia Single) 21. The Ballad Of Smokey The Bear - Richard Wolfe Children's Chorus (RCA Camden LP) 22. RANKIN/BASS logo music
$20 shipped PAYPAL It will be sure to make your Easter Hoppy!

FAMILY CLASSICS with Frazier Thomas

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RUDOLPH Canadian cast

Roberto Veri sent me this LINK of an interview from DECEMBER 2008 of the RUDOLPH cast!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Spring is coming! Will the CHICAGO CUBS do the same thing for the third year in a row...probably.

courtesy of RON MURPHY


RANKIN/BASS DVD and CD packages save $!



GAR, ROMBERG and FRAZIER from my new CHICAGO KID'S TV Book project. Courtesy of RON MURPHY

RANKIN/BASS collector's DVD packages

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Tra la la! Tra la la la!

Courtesy of Ron Murphy

TRIX are for kids!

WCFL Jerry G. Bishop


Courtesy of RON MURPHY
The three POPEYE DVD sets issued have been sensational in GREAT packaging! Why can't they do this with the other sets they issue of classic cartoons?


courtesy of Ron Murphy


courtesy of Ron Murphy

from Ron Murphy

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey There, It's Yogi Bear!

The new HEY THERE, IT"S YOGI BEAR DVD is out can pick it up at TARGET. The movie looks good BUT there are no extras....not even the trailer. The cover art looks absolutely horrible. Who is issueing this stuff at WARNER BROTHERS??? They are putting out some cartoon sets in May that have all sorts of repeated, already released material???? Instead of putting out full series on QUICK DRAW McGRAW, SECRET SQUIRREL, etc. Who is minding the store?

Our friend JOE and Yogi's gang!