Saturday, June 29, 2019

Frosty and I are about the same age and this will be a big year for both of us!

June 29th

Another Martin and Lewis weekend! I am watching the Stooge again!

Daddy the way out Suburbanite!

The Beatles

June 29th

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Emma enjoying the Windy City!

See you later Wally Gator!

Rankin/Bass' The New Adventures of Pinocchio

Director Frank Tashlin films the New Frontier marquee sign when Elvis Presley appears there in late April 1956. The shot appears in the Martin & Lewis film Hollywood or Bust, their last film released late in '56. Dean also makes mention of Elvis in the film, while at the Hollywood Bowl, as Elvis' second film was in pre-production at Paramount, Loving You (starring M & L alumni Lizabeth Scott and Produced by Hal Wallis, who signed M & L and Elvis to films) @elvis @deanmartinandjerrylewis #lasvegas #elvispresley #halwallis #franktashlin #hollywoodorbust #deanmartin #jerrylewis #newfrontier #kingofrocknroll #history #film #entertainment #comedyteams #martinandlewis