Friday, April 02, 2021

Fay Spain is great in so many of the Western TV series I am watching!

Easter weekend


My pal Gary Clarke (who I appeared with at Monster Bash) was in an episode of My 3 Sons the other day. He played the son of Ed Begley, Sr. (I appeared with Jr. at Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia con). It was a touching episode.

Friday delivery

Wichita Lineman 04-01-2021

Paladin meets Rankin/Bass Productions

Paladin meets Rankin/Bass Productions! I was just going through a giant stack of Rankin/Bass' The Last Dinosaur material (enough for an entire giant book). Arthur Rankin developed a great friendship with Richard Boone and he appeared in three Rankin/Bass Productions, including his very last film appearance in Rankin/Bass' The Bushido Blade. After watching Have Gun, Will Travel, I can see what Arthur recognized in Boone's talent. I appeared at a show with Joan Van Arc a few years back and I tried to give her some of this material (Some very cool slides and photos from the filming) and her agent had no interest. I thought her fans might be interested in an autograph photo from the film, as she had none. C. 2012 Miser Bros Press/Rick Goldschmidt Archives #Thelastdinosaur #rankinbassproductions #Richardboone

Remembering Wes a year after his passing. Wes really made our six books come to life and worked hard on all of our Rankin/Bass projects! He will be missed!


Thursday Easter fun