Friday, September 11, 2015

The Avengers

What I have been watching on blu ray this past month :)  Looks great!  A series that was ahead of it's time..

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Trick or Treat

It's getting to be that time of year!  We are getting a blast of Fall weather this weekend :)

More giant size Kirby!

Love this!  Humongous Jack Kirby...clean and brightly colored :)

Jiffy Pop Presto pop Popcorn!

Remember popping popcorn like this?  It was an event to remember for sure...

Jr's Hot Dogs updated their sign. Oak Lawn, IL

Who doesn't love Jr's Hot Dogs?  I have been going since they opened a small, wood shack in Alsip, IL. We rode our bikes up there for a 15 cent slushie.  I am lucky to have the best one at the end of my block :)

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Allan Mirchin

Thanks to our friend Fred Clemens for pointing out a few facts about ALLAN MIRCHIN :) He recorded and dubbed Burl Ives Songs and Dialogue in 1964, for Rankin/Bass' Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer at his Aura studios in New York City. His first name was also mis-spelled in the 1965 credits that remain on today's print of the special. His first name was also mis-spelled in the 1964 credits too.

This is THE Burger King...they never should have changed the design!

This was the king voiced by my late friend Allen Swift.  What a great design!  Someone made a horrible decision by losing this design and going with that masked live action character.

The Monkees are coming in 2016!

A nice little 50 year celebration with an HD release!

THE MONKEES coming to BLU RAY in HD in 2016! 50th Anniversary!

Monkees Original NBC TV Spot
We are kicking off The Monkees 50th anniversary celebration with THE MONKEES - THE COMPLETE SERIES on High-Definition Blu Ray! We've located the original 35mm negatives and are currently remastering the entire series in stunning HD! The set includes all 58 episodes, the "33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee" TV special, the cult classic Monkees movie HEAD, never-before-seen HEAD outtakes, original Kellogg's commercials, commentaries and more surprises to be revealed.This deluxe fan edition is strictly limited to 10,000 individually numbered sets and is available ONLY on - not from any store or other online retailer!Pre-order yours now before they're gone! Here's the ONLY place you can get this fantastic set: whet your appetite, here is an original NBC network promo we've located (it hasn't been mastered yet, but we couldn't wait to share it!) - this hasn't been seen for nearly 50 years!

It has been about 12-15 since the original DVD release  

Monday, September 07, 2015

They have some Amazing things at Amazing Fantasy books and comics in Tinley park, IL

What a book store/comic book store should be but often isn't!  Something here for everyone!


Sorry to hear about Judy today as well!   Wish LOVE ON A ROOFTOP would come out on DVD...never saw it in syndication and heard some of the music from it and really liked it!

Hardcover Edition of THE ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. SCRAPBOOK w/ R/B Biographer/...

Happy Laboe Day! Enjoy!   We wanted to do something special for the day!  Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday!

Martin Milner R. I. P.

So sorry to hear about Martin Milner's passing.  One of my favorite actors and good in so many things.   I believe he was one of the first actors to act with James Dean on television.  Also one of the few to have two very successful series on television.  A great!

Labor day Kirby fun! Happy Labor day!

The way comic art was meant to be!  Clean! Colorful!  Well drawn with heart!

Someone is missing this Labor day weekend 2015!

Always would time in to see how Jerry was doing and see what was up with MDA...One of my favorites!

Sunday, September 06, 2015

My Sister Stacey and brother Chris at AMAZING FANTASY BOOKS & COMICS in Tinley Park, IL

May be Stacey's last day at the least for a little while.  The store was packed with lots of cool things today!

Cracking open King-Size Kirby for the holiday!

Thanks to my sister Stacey and pal Garrett at Amazing Fantasy Books and Comics in Tinley Park, IL!  My sister's last day there...