Saturday, November 29, 2008

Patrick's blog and SANTA CLAUS IS COMIN' TO TOWN (1970)

One of the BEST RANKIN/BASS ANIMGIC TV specials by far! MAURY LAWS says this is his favorite soundtrack and it may be mine as well....
PAUL COKER, JR. designed the special! PAUL is a wonderful guy and has done so many favors for me over the years! Maybe he will do some RANKIN/BASS radio with me again this season! We still have the 2008 FROSTY postcards signed by PAUL personally for sale!

The late, great ROBIE LESTER did the voice of JESSICA. You can see her sing the song in recent years on the homepage of She was a GREAT friend!
This was a drawing my pal PATRICK OWSLEY did for my first book, THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO of S.D. KLUEGER! Check his blog and EBAY auctions by clicking the LINK in the right hand column of this page! Maybe you could commision him to do some RANKIN/BASS art for the Holidays! They make GREAT gifts! Check his portfolio at

It's the holiday season....

My neighbors seem to like our new addition to our outdoor decorations. Josh picked him out weeks ago.
This is by far the BIGGEST tree I have ever had at CHRISTMAS time. It is a VERY full 10 foot FRASER FIR. When SARA and I cut the twine out from around the tre, it just kept expanding and expanding and expanding.... Luckily I have lots of CHRISTMAS Ornaments. Just got back from buying more lights.

Vintage STARVING ARTISTS video going up on YOU TUBE page

My sister Stacey is working to get a vintage STARVING ARTISTS video up on YOU TUBE for the song "Starving Artists." It was directed by Joe Rabig and Dennis Bleck.

RANKIN/BASS hardcover book package!

For those RANKIN/BASS fans that do not have either one of my books...I am offering both in a PACKAGE deal here for the first time for $99.99 + $7 shipping (PRIORITY MAIL). I will sign and draw in both books and send them off right away in plenty of time for the HOLIDAYS of 2008. BOTH books are in short hurry. I doubt either book will be in stock through the entire holiday season. AMAZON will be running out of the RUDOLPH book soon and will not be getting any more in and I do not offer THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO through any other venue. You can PAYPAL the total to or if you prefer mailing the payment, e-mail me at for instructions. HAVE A HOLLY, JOLLY CHRISTMAS!


I heard from my old friend MANCOW today. He asked me to come on his new radio show in Chicago on WLS RADIO. I will keep you posted as to the date and time. I was on his show a few years back and it was quite an experience. He is definitely a true classic, pop culture fan!

Friday, November 28, 2008


Happy Black Friday! We picked up a 10 foot real Christmas tree this am and have plenty of decorating to do. I heard from Producer/Writer PETER BAKALIAN this am and he said RANKIN/BASS PRODUCTIONS had nothing to do with that MISER BROTHERS CHRISTMAS thing on ABC FAMILY. I did not think so....doesn't look so hot (To quote the Heat Miser).


Sara, Josh and I had a blast last year during THANKSGIVING weekend at the MID-OHIO CON Courtesy of Kevin Kriess and


There are some signed books left at the BORDERS BOOKS & MUSIC in Schaumburg, Illinois from my appearance there. They are on the second level in the PERFORMING ARTS section towards the back of the store. THE STARVING ARTISTS hope to do a return LIVE appearance there soon.


Not sure about this one. I understand GEORGE S. IRVING returns as the voice of the HEAT MISER and MICKEY ROONEY is a voice BUT the pictures I have seen here and elsewhere, do not look promising.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


This is a picture of RANKIN/BASS Musical composer MAURY LAWS and I at the DRAKE HOTEL in Chicago THANKSGIVING DAY 2007. I usually see MAURY and his family on the holiday in Chicago BUT he did not make the trip this year. I did hear from him this morning and he wishes everyone a very happy holiday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! I am very THANKFUL for all the GREAT family, friends and RANKIN/BASS fans in my life! Enjoy the holiday and try not to eat too much! I am on my way to XSPORT FITNESS right now in preparation! I want to THANK everyone for the early HOLIDAY orders too! I have sent out scores of books and packages and am still sending packages. I am VERY thankful for the overwhelming response to my 3rd edition of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I did putting it all together.

"You Can See It In My Eyes (LIVE)"

"Land Of Nothingness (LIVE)"



This is a shot from a video directed by Dennis Bleck and Joe Rabig of THE STARVING ARTISTS of the song "Starving Artists," that was produced in 1988. We played the song in GRANT PARK and filmed all over downtown Chicago. My sister Stacey will be posting it on our YOU TUBE page very soon!

Monday, November 24, 2008


I am thinking back to our RANKIN/BASS event at AMAZING FANTASY BOOKS in Tinley Park, IL Black Friday 2006! This was a blast! We were on CBS MORNING NEWS and WGN MORNING NEWS that day and there was a big article in the DAILY SOUTHTOWN as well, so the turnout was huge!

Kevin Kriess shows off his exclusive MISER BROS ornament set from just above the original SANTA & RUDOLPH ANIMAGIC figures from the RANKIN/BASS TV Musical Spectacular!

RUDOLPH books are almost gone!

Get your orders in early! AMAZON nearly bought us out....only saved a handful for direct sales here and I will sign and draw in the books! $29.99 + $7 shipping. PAYPAL: or e-mail for mailing address. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


I am getting alot of requests for our LIFE & ADVENTURES OF SANTA CLAUS DVD right now! It was the last ANIMAGIC RANKIN/BASS TV Special and based on a story by FRANK L. BAUM (WIZARD OF OZ). A RANKIN/BASS fan favorite!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Rick Goldschmidt's Facebook profile


Photographs by Mike Carney
My sister Stacey shot two videos of us playing "Land Of Nothingness" and "You Can See It In My Eyes" for YOU TUBE and Elsewhere on the net with our new drummer Victor! Everyone had a GREAT time! Stacey and her boyfriend Mike did some work for the band DEER HUNTER a few weeks back at the METRO and their work appears on PITCHFORK TV. She will have the videos posted tomorrow night!
Victor is an AMAZING addition to our band! He took the energy level up about 10 notches and may be the BEST drummer we have ever played with!