Saturday, November 03, 2018

Sharon Baird

Sharon Baird is here!  She signed my Artists and Models widow card and did a wonderful song and dance with Dean via "The Lucky Song."  She landed her role in the Micky Mouse club, recording her vocal for the film at Capitol records.  She will be in the Mickey's 90th special on ABC tomorrow night!  I told her Barry Williams (who cancelled) have the Bat Lady comic books in common.  The news stand in her scene were filled with Bat Lady comic books, that later appeared at a news stand Greg visits on the Brady Bunch.  #popconmilwaukee #sharonbaird #saturday

Maury Laws in action!

Saturday fun!

Panel was fun!

Happy Birthday to Chris!

Friday, November 02, 2018

Tom Turkey


Pop Con Milwaukee has started! Look for me tomorrow!

My pal Tom Ward reviewed the book Gumby Imagined! Pretty timely and happy to add my perspective. #daveyandgoliath #gumbyandpokey #artclokey #chillertheatre

Thursday practice

Wonderful! Here is your coupon for a discount!



The Starving Artists




Tom Turkey

Thursday, November 01, 2018


Getting in the spirit with a good smell!

The most popular Rankin/Bass title, this time of year! It is celebrating 50 years this year!


Welcome November!

The Munsters from a TV Guide preview session

We had lots of fun this year! Every year! November is here now...lots coming up! All good! #november #busyseason #fizzies

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

This season kicks in after Midnight!

One of the many great photo ops we did over the weekend! More to come in the Spring!


Stephanie and Ron doing an interview for the Karloff doc, just before my interview

I had over 150 Trick or treaters..still coming too 🎃

This might have been my first costume...


Happy Halloween! 🎃

Trick or treat


Wednesday's fun


Palermo's sweet sauce

Kevin and Jody

Trick or Treat

Things are in full swing!

The Heat Miser bush!

Just hear from Sara Karloff 🎃

This weekend!


Halloween Lunch 🎃

It's Wednesday! 🎃

Happy Halloween! 💀

The Wicked Witch of the West from Rankin/Bass' Tales of the Wizard of Oz

Me and twenty million other costume!

Happy Halloween!