Saturday, June 10, 2017



Garfield Goose and friends


Diver Dan


KitKat - Scott Tracy Takes a Break - Gerry Anderson Advert (1993)

Adam West R. I. P.

Adam West R.I.P. for some reason I knew this would be the year that THE Batman took flight to the great beyond. I didn't know he was ill. Still a shock to lose someone that made such a big impact on your life. I have a huge library of West material and got to meet him when he was in his early sixties at several events. ZOWIE! #batman #adamwest #greenwayproductions

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From Joel Rasmussen

Thanks to everyone who's purchased a signed Paul Soles photo...sorry to say Spider-Man is sold out but I still have a few great Hermey shots!  (But they're going fast...)

Wednesday, June 07, 2017



Wednesday 😎👍🦁

Beautiful day at Brookfield Zoo today! 🐒🦁🦍🦏🐯


Diver Dan

After watching some Diver Dan recently, I realized that my late, great friend Allen Swift voiced Finley with a similar voice to the one he used for Felix Flankin in Mad Monster Party and the villainous Baron Barracuda with a voice similar to Dracula.  I was so glad we got Allen in our Mad Monster Party documentary on the DVD and blu ray, before he passed. #diverdan #allenswift #chicagokidstelevision #missminerva

Garfield Goose and friends

Gar Goose

Tuesday, June 06, 2017


Still watching many hours of Speed..

Been watching many hours of Speed..

Snorky and Fleegle

Dropper and Bingo



The Banana Splits

Hanna-Barbera's The Banana Splits

I think I will have a late night Kellogg's Banana Split! #hannabarbera #thebananasplits #fleegle #bingo #snorky #drooper #krofft