Friday, February 02, 2007

The Un-Produced JERRY LEWIS RANKIN/BASS Projects!

In my posting about the soundtrack CD for THE DAYDREAMER, I forgot to mention that the CD includes three RARE demos from two JERRY LEWIS projects that ARTHUR RANKIN and JULES BASS were trying to pull together. Two tracks are from a special that was to be called PUNCH & JUDY featuring JERRY and CAROL BURNETT and the other project was based on THE BELLBOY for which MAURY LAWS and JULES BASS wrote a theme called 'Hey Bellhop!' ARTHUR & JULES were big JERRY fans and even sent MAURY LAWS to the set of THE BIG MOUTH to discuss the projects. Nothing was ultimately Produced except for ANIMAGIC figures for both projects. In recent years, I heard from JERRY and put him in touch with ARTHUR RANKIN. He wanted to resurrect these projects BUT the materials have long been disgarded...except for these RARE tracks coming out on the CD!

FUNKO 'MAD MONSTER PARTY?' series 2 figures are out now!

The FUNKO 'MAD MONSTER PARTY?' series 2 figures showed up yesterday and I must say I am very impressed with them! Especially the way they were painted! This photo doesn't do them justice. You have to see them in-person and out of the package. FRANCESCA's dress and the SKELETON's guitar have glitter paint and FRANCESCA's face is nicely detailed with flat paints! When you put them together with series 1, it is my opinion that you have the BEST quality RANKIN/BASS figure set to date! I listed one set on EBAY under seller ANIMAGIC1.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


THE DAYDREAMER CD soundtrack is coming from and I for one can't wait. It is definitely one of the BEST RANKIN/BASS Soundtracks and this special release also features an interview I did with Composer MAURY LAWS and three RARE RANKIN/BASS demos! A treasure trove of RANKIN/BASS audio to be sure!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


THE STARVING ARTISTS had a GREAT practice today! DENNIS RIORDAN (Bass player) took these pics of me in the CHICAGO Snow. We worked on a new song I wrote called "I Can't Give My Love Away" and plan to record the demo next weekend. We are also trying to set up a gig at NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY in DeKalb, IL with the band FROM HERE ON AFTER

ARTIST Party at my house!

A few weeks back we had a nice get together of ARTISTS/FRIENDS! We are unable to get together as much as we would like and the ANNUAL ALEX ROSS Halloween party didn't happen the last few years, so we decided it was time to gather! From left to right TOM MARGARITES (Guitarist extrodinaire), Myself, MITCH O' CONNELL (PLAYBOY, TATTOO ART, etc.) and ALEX ROSS (KINGDOM COME, JUSTICE : DC COMICS, etc.)