Friday, August 06, 2010 One of the originals that Patrick gave to me for a gift!

Been watching tons of JAY WARD lately....

GREEN DAY are in town for their performance at LOLLAPALOOZA tomorrow night in Grant Park! The American idiot critic in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE said they were not a "Must see"?! I am amazed that these people keep their jobs. He also didn't even mention WOLFMOTHER...who are one of the BEST bands in the schedule and they are playing right before SOUNDGARDEN on the same stage! LADY GAGA headlined tonight and kicked the press out?! The very people who made her a name.
FUN music to listen to through the Holidays!


The BARRIS car collection!

May be up on KINDLE very soon....

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Here is the "Fishing hole" spot as it appears today from THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW! All it needs now is Andy Griffith and Ron Howard walking with their fishing poles.

photo by my pal Joel Rasmussen

I am looking forward to ROCKY & BULWINKLE season 4 to be released finally on August 17th! It has been 5 years since season 3 (Which I have on right now). My dear friend June Foray did many voices in the series including the famous ROCKY THE FLYING SQUIRREL!

from my dear friend PAUL COKER, JR.


More NBC-TV 1966

from my pal Gary Matheson

From my pal SHAG!


September 28th! KROFFT magic! THANKS to Chris Wolfson for pointing this out...

Monday, August 02, 2010


He made it to 99 years old...

NBC-TV 1966

from Gary Matheson There are many more pages to this that I will try to post soon!

The cast of MY THREE SONS meets the cast of ROUTE 66

from Gary Matheson

One of my favorite JACK DAVIS MAD MAGAZINE illustrations!

I was just talking about this series with my friend Tom and then my friend Gary sent this along. This series premiered along with BATMAN on ABC-TV in 1966 BUT didn't last long. Robert Goulet also sang the DAYDREAMER for RANKIN/BASS in 1966.
Jack Davis illustration
One of my very favorites! Looking forward to the new BUGS and DAFFY DVDs!