Saturday, March 30, 2019

Brian Hyland "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"

Itsy Bitsy #1 Ghost written by Maury Laws

Here is something not many know, Maury Laws ghost wrote this #1 record for Brian Hyland! Maury told me about this years ago and I could definitely hear his influence in the music, after knowing. It was used in commercials over the years and quite the novelty song! #maurylaws #itsybitsyteenieweenieyellowpolkadotbikini #biranhyland

Maury Laws R. I. P.

 We lost my dear friend Maury Laws at the age of 95, THE Rankin/Bass Musical composer and conductor. I spent a lot of time with Maury over the years and even took him into the recording studio to record a career retrospective interview for The Daydreamer soundtrack cd. I dedicated a chapter to him and his music in all of my books as well. I still think back to the first time I called Maury and he had no idea why I was so interested in him and his music. He was very modest and couldn't believe that I wanted the Mad Monster Party soundtrack (Which he sent to me first, after being shelved for decades). Maury and I shared a bond as musicians and he was one of my biggest champions! He ordered many copies of my books for his friends and family. His son John lived in Chicago, so I would meet up with Maury and his family at the Palmer House and The Drake. We would visit Navy Pier and Riva (My Dad worked security there) and talk about everything. Maury was one of the big reasons I became the Rankin/Bass Historian/Biographer. His music wasn't written down for children, it was sophisticated! I got Maury to participate in the documentaries for Mad Monster Party and The Year Without A Santa Claus (The only official Rankin/Bass documentaries for blu ray/DVD). We will be dedicating our new Frosty book to Maury. I was proud to call Maury a friend and am so happy I was able to share a special bond with him. In the world of Entertainment, there is no music that surpasses his! #maurylaws #restinpeace #music #composer #conductor #writer #entertainment #obituary

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I want to Thank everyone that came out to The Hollywood Show Saturday!

 This was my view from my booth!   I really had a good time and glad to see so many Rankin/Bass fans come out!   I was sitting next to Cussack and he left abruptly around 2 pm....not sure what happened just yet.   Lots of people were talking about it.   Anyway, I had a really good time!

My Happy Days, before it became unwatchable with the live episode towards the end of the 2nd season! The filmed episodes are by far the BEST!

 Anson and Donny will be at CHILLER THEATRE with me...

Yetch has arrived!

Yetch has arrived! I got doll #1 off the assembly line! You can get your at #rankinbass #madmonsterparty #yetch #peterlorre #jackdavis

Watch Me on Me....Me TV April 7th at 9 PM Central time!


The Beatles

Monday, March 25, 2019

The Flintstones

Spring is here! Easter is coming soon!

I saw the Me TV Commercial we are in tonight! It came on during the first break during Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

 It was from our trade sequence and Josh and I were laughing.


Part of my Walt Disney Collection!

Happy Birthday to Paul Michael Glaser!

Rankin/Bass' The Ballad of Smokey the Bear package direct from me...

Or on EBAY

A month away from this wonderful event!

Mancow stopped by my booth Saturday. He is back on WLS and had Dawn Wells on his show prior to the Hollywood Show. I was a guest on The Mancow Show several times over the years in different Chicago studios.

And Mary Ann...... Dawn Wells was at The Hollywood show in my area

2 weeks away at 9 PM Central April 7th (My episode airs 9:30 PM Central). It will be a game changer for me!

A segment from my collection that I don't believe Collector's Call captured. It was sort of my green room for the day....