Friday, May 30, 2008

DVD package deals!

Made some DVD package deals today! Let me know what you are interested in and maybe we can put them together! THANKS!


Glad I got my vintage CUBS nodder at the end of last season! The CUBS are in first place again and looking good....except for today...TED LILY looks more and more like LILLY MUNSTER. We are headed for the bleachers in JUNE!

Do you remember this hit LP?


As we hop into the weekend...want to wish everyone a happy and safe weekend! It has been a busy week after the holiday. Shipped off plenty of RANKIN/BASS collector's DVDs and CDs... many will arrive this weekend. If you have any questions about what is available, e-mail:


My friend TOM FREDERICK tells me he picked up some TV Series HOT WHEELS BATCYCLES for me at WALMART. Still enjoying the uncut series on DVD!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

HARVEY KORMAN has passed away at age 81

We know HARVEY from the CAROL BURNETT SHOW BUT he also made appearances on THE MUNSTERS and did some voices for HANNA-BARBERA including the Great GAZOO.


Here are a few things from my collection. Few RANKIN/BASS items were released in the 1960's, when the specials and series first aired.


From ROMEO's scrapbook! CLICK IMAGES to enlarge to read.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My friend KEVIN KRIESS and TIME & SPACE TOYS have the latest and coolest in RANKIN/BASS toys! They also have some original RANKIN/BASS ANIMAGIC figures that you may remember! They will be at Chicago's WIZARD WORLD at the end of JUNE too and I may pop in there as well!


Finally got in some FLIGHT OF DRAGON DVD-Rs! Put one on EBAY under ANIMAGIC1 or e-mail: A VERY popular, long out-of-print RANKIN/BASS Special that first appeared on ABC-TV and starred the voices of JOHN RITTER, HARRY MORGAN, JAMES EARL JONES, BOB McFADDEN & DON MESSICK! I get e-mail requests for this one all the time and had to dig deep into the archives!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My friend EARLE HAGEN passes at age 88

My friend, TV Composer EARLE HAGEN passed away yesterday at age 88. Earle wrote the music and themes to THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, I SPY, GOMER PYLE U.S.M.C.,THAT GIRL, THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW, etc.. I helped with his wonderful I SPY CD soundtrack issued by FILM SCORE MONTHLY. Earle and I stayed in touch quite a bit over the last several years. I was sorry to hear he is gone BUT he definitely left his mark on this world and will be missed by many.


I forgot to mention, I recently had a transfer of the RANKIN/BASS
TV movie done to DVD-R, due to popular demand. Many fans
remember the film and want a copy of it. e-mail:

ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. says hello!

Talked with ARTHUR RANKIN today on lunch and he is doing quite well. His partner, JULES BASS is also doing quite well and built a home near Arthur's home in New York. He sends his BEST to all the RANKIN/BASS fans!

Whatever happened to FILNTSTONES ON THE ROCKS?

Would love to see a DVD release!


Check out my friend PATRICK's blog He has more GREAT HANNA-BARBERA art for sale! I really Wish they would use art like this for the DVD Box set covers!

Monday, May 26, 2008


My 2008 DAYDREAMER DVD arrived the other day and I love the glitter cardboard sleeve it comes in. I think the cover is definitely an improvement, just wish they had used the correct logo that was on the first issue. It still has my two page insert (with new cover) and all of the extras that were on the first release including 3 TV Spots! I have another volume of PINOCCHIO on EBAY and the re-mastered WILLY McBEAN & HIS MAGIC MACHINE (1965) with same voice cast as RUDOLPH!

RARE Soundtrack CD on EBAY

I have the RARE Green Cover soundtrack CD on EBAY under seller MISER BROS. The Green cover soundtrack contains the songs and not the dialogue featured on the more common DISNEYLAND records release...seen to the right. ENJOY! E-mail: