Saturday, July 01, 2023

I am listening to commercials Dick did with Jan and Dean, Ricky Nelson, etc. Today. I listened to hours and hours of him on Magic 104. I miss hearing the classics with Dick's energy on the air. Rest in peace Dick. #Dickbiondi

This is the early design for Fang for Rankin/Bass' Mad Monster Party, that I talk about in my film introduction on the new Umbrella blu ray. Notice he was simply called "Monster" on the model sheet and he had hair. This was done by a Japanese artist and looks exactly like the Fang salad spoon Arthur Rankin gave me. Arthur brought Jack Davis back into the project to do all of the model sheets. Originally, he was just going to do the poster art (as he did with Willy McBean and his magic machine). Ironically, Jack's wonderful poster art (featured on the inside cover of the new blu ray) wasn't used. Joseph E. Levine decided to use two roughs from legendary artist Frank Frazetta, without his knowledge. Frank, very upset by what had transpired, demanded payment and received it. Frank's finished color piece wouldn't be seen for decades. In 1997, Arthur Rankin signed my linen backed one-sheet from the film, and thought the art on the poster was Jack's. He wasn't aware of the Frazetta story and I explained. I had just spoken to Frank's wife Ellie. My Mad Monster Party book is selling off the charts right now...I have more coming is soon! #madmonsterparty #Fang #frankensteinsmonster #Halloween #monsters #bluray

Original Rankin/Bass' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer storyboards #christmasinjuly2023 #rudolphtherednosedreindeer

The Guns of Will Sonnett..that's a fact, no Bragg


Merry Christmas in July 😁