Saturday, September 17, 2011

last day. .

Found some cool Jack Davis, Elvis, etc. 75% off +
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There are going to be some SVENGOOLIE episodes on the web Monday...not seen in 40 years!

Jerry G. Bishop was very nice to me when I visited his restaurants in San Diego and signed many, many SVENGOOLIE things for me! He said if I ever sold them....he would tear my lips off!


My friend Jim Engel sent this along...since it is absent from the DVD! THANKS Jim!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


SOAKY TOYS DVD really did come today! Fun to have all of the coomercials out there on one DVD! Some cool MATTEL Dick Tracy and Space commercials too!


A few pages from Romeo Muller's scrapbook

FROSTY reviews! Click image to enlarge...

Some more JACK!

I received this in the mail yesterday...and I have to say I was disappointed. It was CHEAP (About the price of a McDonald's HAPPY MEAL) and I think I know why....It is NOT the complete series (As the cover says). It is missing one of the most important things....the theme song! I loved the the song from this series BUT I guess CLASSIC MEDIA did not want to pay for the rights. This DVD is strange. It has the 1990's HARVEYTOONS opening in several places and a new CASPER closing with credits in other places. Obviously, they just transferred all of the elements from the previous HARVEYTOONS set over to here and even left in some of the things they should not have. Makes me wonder what the 1963 CASPER DVD set (coming out soon) will be like?

Monday, September 12, 2011


c. 1964 RANKIN/BASS PRODUCTIONS/Rick Goldschmidt Archives
Lots of NEW COLOR photos and graphics in the KINDLE Edition of the books!


I would like to see a HE HOG movie! Hopefully, someone with some brains will bring cool cartoons back to the small and big screen again! Check out John's NEW store!

Get WILLY on DVD with your book order today!

one of Jack's preliminary TV GUIDE color roughs

Sunday, September 11, 2011

KINDLE Edition is now up!

The KINDLE Edition is now up! We added some pictures and changed many of the black and white pictures to updated color! Carry it with you on your smart phone, etc.!


from Jack...

Jack took a pile of these out of an NBC dumpster and my copies came from that stack...

My pal HANK HARRISON is helping me with the MMP Jack Davis chapter...and my pal Bill Schelly is helping with some Harvey Kurtzman info. I talked with Harvey just before he passed away...a comics legend!

CLIFF ROBERTSON passes at age 88

Loved him in SUNDAY IN NEW YORK, BATMAN (as SHAME), Uncle Ben in the SPIDER-MAN films, etc.