Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

One spy too many


I received a nice package in the mail today, from my dear friend Paul Coker, Jr.!  Still signing for all of the Rankin/Bass Productions fans worldwide!  I always let him know how much he is appreciated  #Paulcokerjr #madmagazine #legend #hallmark #Rankinbass #signed #artist #designer

Rankin/Bass' Festival of Family classics

The Daydreamer

My pal Lil' Ron went to a Dirty Dragon stage show!



Monday, March 20, 2017

Rozan Kobar!

Rozan Kobar! ⚡On this first day of Spring, I added an original Alex Toth to my animation gallery!  Fariik, the magician of the Arabian Knights from Hanna-Barbera's the Banana Splits Adventure hour.  My pals Steve Rude and Alex Ross put me in touch with the late Toth in 1994 and we discussed Space Angel, among other things.  This is a great example of his work!  An absolute master of character design!  I have all the wonderful books on Alex and all of the DVD sets of the series he favorites! #alextoth #Hannabarbera #arabianknights #thebananasplits #spaceghost #spaceangel

Spring has arrived with a Thunderstorm ⚡☔☁