Tuesday, December 28, 2021

I am enjoying The Nelsons a great deal!


I have one left in-stock and more on order!


Tuesday fun!

Still signing tons of Hardcover books (We never printed soft cover)! When you order, you can let me know what character you want me to draw in book at Rickgoldsc@aol.com


My full interview with my friend George Maharis comes out in RetroFan magazine this Spring! ROUTE 66 started on Me TV + yesterday!


Sunday, December 26, 2021

I have all of the W.C. Fields movies on blu ray now! Watching this week!


Dinner break from 🎅 mail packing. Maury Laws' Rudolph overture was playing on radio as I ordered! Rain after I got back in 😁 #Sunday


 I hope everyone had a great Christmas!   I got absolutely blasted with orders this weekend!   I have never seen anything like this!   I am doing my best to keep up, including not enjoying too much of the holiday, as I usually do.   Larry the mailman will be loaded up with packages tomorrow and I want to Thank all of the wonderful Rankin/Bass fans for your support!  Season's greetings!  Merry Christmas!


A gift for Granny