Wednesday, June 06, 2018

I will be a guest at RETRO EX in Warrensburg, MO September 7, 8 and 9th, 2018! Sponsored by RetroGrade and Johnson County United Way

     I will be a guest at RETRO EX at the UCM Student Recreation and Wellness Center 500 S. Maguire Street, Warrensburg, MO 64093 and will be making a presentation during the event and will have lots to say this year, at that time!   I will also be doing hundreds of radio, television, newspaper, podcast and newspaper interviews this holiday season!   A NEW TV series I am a part of will premiere on a major network this Fall and be broadcast on other networks in reruns.

     Half of the proceeds for this particular event will go to United Way efforts in Johnson County.  This will be a family friendly event with many hollywood cars including the DELorean from Back to the Future and other celebrity guests!  There will be vintage toys, comic books, cosplay, gaming, arcades, etc.   You won't want to miss this!  Busy, Busy, Busy!


New Patio furniture for deck!


Jerry Maren R.I.P.

Bozo's Circus

Hey Beany boy!



Hobby Lobby changed all of their Marvel and DC art, to ugly, modern day CGI looking art by infamous artists. Sorry 50% off isn't going to do it...wouldn't want this stuff for FREE! They might as well line the isles with FUNKO POPs 🤣


50s in June! Wonderful!

Busy Tuesday!

Sunday, June 03, 2018


For Ebay consumption

Kevin and Jody's 2018 design


This book was delivered today...

Who remembers when Rankin/Bass' Pinocchio made an appearance on Sesame Street? I talk about it in my book, The Arthur Rankin, Jr. Scrapbook: The Birth of Animagic. There were actually a few people from Rankin/Bass that worked on segments for Sesame Street! #sesamestreet #rosko #thenewadventuresofpinocchio #rankinbass #jimhenson #sunday