Wednesday, July 27, 2016

From my Making of Rudolph book...Jack's take on Rankin/Bass 🎨

More of my favorites by Jack

It's Keenan Wynn's birthday! He would have been 100

Jack's chapter

Jack Davis remembered

Jack is all over my house!

Jack Davis' last painting 😞

He did this painting for me at age 90, just before having some strokes.  So very sad to hear of his passing today...just talked with my ol' pal Hank Harrison, who wrote the first two books on Jack.  So glad Jack approved of the chapter I wrote on him in my MAD MONSTER PARTY book!   I saved his ecstatic voice mail regarding the DVD of all of his TV Commercials and interviews I made for him!   Going to watch that again today!   We included this painting full page in my last book THE ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. SCRAPBOOK:  The Birth of Animagic, along with a photo of a beautiful painting he did about 10 years ago for Arthur Rankin for MAD MONSTER PARTY REUNION!  Jack was a one of a kind and a dear friend and we will all miss him!

There have been a few small reports that my friend Jack Davis died at 91....checking with the family. He has been very sick since he did the Arthur Rankin painting for me at age 90.

Bat belt

Batman 1966