Friday, July 22, 2022

Jimmy was on this morning..

The first place my grandfather headed to, when he got in from Florida or Arizona...☀️


Come on out! Aileen Quinn and Lorenzo Lamas will join me, among others...

Christmas in July!

Frank Friday!

Happy 79 to Bobby!

Christmas in july!

Wednesday, July 20, 2022


Christmas in July

This is an Amazing book! better than I expected...

Francis the talking mule! Reminds me of someone in the news constantly...

Christmas in July!

I have been signing books and sending out lots of Christmas in July orders!  Just a few reminders...  All books sold at

are Hardcover books (Even though site says softcover) and I sign and draw in each book!  Just let me know via email, what you want me to sign/draw.

When you visit my etsy store now, you will see a video with each product.   Etsy doesn't allow audio (?) on videos, but I posted the audio versions, in full, on YOU TUBE.  I have added some new things in my etsy shop and if there is something you want, but don't see listed, email  

My next appearance is at the Wheaton All-Night Flea Market August 20th at 3 pm until 3 am (?) with Lorenzo Lamas and Aiden Quinn.  After that I will be at the Southside Comic Book show in September and it looks like my Halloween appearance may be at CHILLER THEATRE October 27-30th in New Jersey.  I will keep you posted right here! It is Mad Monster Party's 55th Anniversary, so we want to celebrate!   It is also the Hobbit's 45th Anniversary!  Nestor's too!

It's Sumertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summer time!


RCA Nipper