Saturday, January 07, 2012

Elvis' Birthday tomorrow!


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The Great voice of the SNOW MISER and one of the funniest guys in IT'S A MAD, MAD, MAD. MAD WORLD (Which I watched for NEW YEAR'S EVE)!

Enjoying some UPA DVDs!


Colored by Dom Giansante

My friend Alex Ross' art!

Friday, January 06, 2012

With all of this talk about the Economy going in the right direction today....

I don't see REAL jobs with BENEFITS...meaning a pension and 401K being offered anymore. AT&T in particular started a NEW job title called SERVICE CONSULTANT at half the pay and no benefits (They also hire employees with half the brains as the they can't resolve your issues when you call in...2-1/2 employees VS. the 1 quality employee of old) QUALITY JOBS are what are needed in the figures that are being thrown out there...not just "Jobs."

AT&T Starts Off 2012 with Job Cuts

January 6, 2012- AT&T announced today it plans to further reduce headcount by eliminating jobs held by members of IBEW Local Union 21. These jobs cuts result from AT&T’s 2011 decision to close two centers in downtown Chicago. They will offer Voluntary SIPP packages to other employees in our jurisdiction.

In Chicago two surpluses were declared. In the center at 10 S. Canal, AT&T is declaring seventy-eight (78) employees surplus. At the 311 S. Washington center, AT&T is declaring thirty-four (34) employee’s surplus. Employees affected at both of these locations are covered under the Surplus language contained in our current collective bargaining agreement.

In First Mile, C&E and I&M organizations, AT&T is offering Voluntary SIPP packages to over three hundred (300) employees. These employees are not being declared surplus. The SIPP offering is voluntary.

In First Mile, Voluntary SIPP packages are being offered to 8 Senior Plant Assigners in Hoffman Estates. One (1) Drafter and one (1) Administrative Specialist in Springfield can take the Voluntary SIPP offer.

AT&T will be offering Voluntary SIPP packages to the following employees. In Construction and Engineering (C&E), one hundred thirty-nine (139) Splicer’s and thirty-four (34) Outside Plant Technicians (OPT); and in Installation and Maintenance (I&M), one hundred thirty-nine (139) Customer System Technicians (CST). After all offers are returned, AT&T will then select which employees will be allowed to leave the payroll.

The Voluntary SIPP packages were distributed to all employees in these three organizations today. Employees must return their completed packages to management by 5pm on Monday February 6, 2012. Management will notify employees on February 10, 2012 if their SIPP was accepted. The off payroll date for those who are accepted will be February 17, 2012.

Got my MAGOO from my pal Patrick!

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Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Darkness - I Believe in a Thing Called Love Cover (with backing track)

Hello, my name Jim Stephens. I'm a Rudolph fan and a sound engineer. Quite some time ago I noticed some strange audio in the sound track, a tiny, vague ghost of a voice during the scene when the trio are in the cabin on the island of misfit toys. Listen close right when he says "let's get some shuteye" and you'll hear it. I never could figure out what that was or where it came from, but I wanted to know. So I extracted the audio, then restored, enhanced, and analyzed it. It is someone demanding to know "Who set up the deer?" From the tone of the voice I would guess that they were not pleased. That's been nagging me for a long time, now I can finally rest!

Regards, Jim Stephens

Deep Sky Audio

THANKS Jim! Many have noticed and asked about that :)


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