Friday, December 11, 2020

The Starving Artists

Here is the link for the FOX NEWS CHICAGO ch. 32 segment


Here Comes Santa Claus (right down Santa Claus lane)

Tomorrow night!

My Fox News Chicago segment airs again this weekend, and if you missed it, here it is online too. Also, Many people have been emailing me about Netflix's The Movies That Made Us/Elf episode. Yes, that is the Netflix project I assisted with and the book they are talking about is my first book. Maybe that is why we are selling so many copies of that "Big Rankin/Bass book," #rankinbassproductions #christmas2020

I have been setting all kinds of records with mail this year! I have never signed and sent this much everπŸŽ… A problem has developed, that I discussed with my mailman Larry today. All of the mail I send goes out Priority mail, some of it has been stuck in the system (In some cases for weeks) and tracking just says "Package arriving late." I am told it has been tracked to the distribution center in Forest Park, IL. The post master says he is aware of the problem and the packages will make it to their destinations. I hope they get it moving for Christmas delivery πŸ™ a few have been mad at me for this πŸ§‘‍πŸŽ„ #Rankinbassproductions #truckloads #PriorityMail

Thursday, December 10, 2020



Home sweet 🏑

I saw a fan in one of our Rankin/Bass groups, shared an article by a classic TV network that had errors in it about Frosty the snowman. It said June Foray, who I became friends with and interviewed extensively, did the voice of Karen and then was replaced by an unknown actress after a few airings in the early seventies. FALSE: Her original recording as Karen made it onto the MGM soundtrack album, but never made it on to CBS television. She was the voice of the school teacher and some of the school children. This is covered in my books and liner notes to the MGM digipack cd release too. Maybe they did their research on Wikipedia? I have no idea. #Frostythesnowman #Juneforaydonovan ☃️

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Season's Greetings

Thursday fun

Wednesday, December 09, 2020



Wednesday fun


Music from Rankin/Bass Productions

This is the LP I talk about in my books.   I got my copy from Maury Laws.   It was sort of a Christmas card from Rankin/Bass Productions handed out during the holidays of 1971.  I included the best and Un-edited tracks at the end of the Raggedy Ann demo cd in my Etsy store.  This includes Christmas Carol, Santa's Song, One Star In The Night, Elbow Room and The Puzzle of life.  Maury and I talked about Christmas Carol on several occasions.   You would be surprised how many times people have called Christmas Carol (Fred's song sung during the wedding scene) and Santa's Song (Mickey's song sung to the kids on his lap) from Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, by the wrong titles over the years.