Saturday, May 12, 2012

I have a cool signed Bob Bentovoja card I may sell soon....

Wednesday, May 09, 2012


This is no JOKE….now I have seen everything! I went to pick my daughter up from school at the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS, Champaign Urbana and the school had someone from the FACILTIES AND SERVICES PARKING DEPARTMENT waiting near my daughter’s dorm lot…to write parking tickets for parents as they go into the dorm to help their kids with their stuff! I entered the lot at about 2:58 pm and the ticket was written at 3pm. In other words, instead of approaching me and asking me to move or make me fully aware of the parking lot situation, they waited for us to leave, so they could sneakily put this small citation (smaller than a postcard) on my windshield to make even more money off of the student’s parents.

I had a situation like this several years ago with some PIRATE TOWING AGENCY in Chicago. The CHICAGO TRIBUNE, FOX NEWS and my lawyer got involved and brought the pirates to justice and I got my money back.

I didn’t even see this very small citation on my windshield until about an hour later. My daughter couldn’t believe it. I know legally, the signs were not posted at the right height and my daughter was never made aware of the situation in advance. This is why I am once again involving my lawyer and writing to all of the Chicago News agencies. If this has happened to you, email

Shame on the UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS FACILITIES AND SERVICES PARKING DEPARTMENT. I called them at 217-333-3530 and got a smart assed guy who threatened me with collection procedures right off the bat. He said I should have parked in a meter spot in the street and there is a sign posted outside the lot. Who reads a sign as they are driving into a lot to help their daughter move out of their dorm? I know it wasn’t posted at the legal height (From my pirate towing issue). I wonder how many more parents this has shamefully happened to? I guess I will find out. One thing is for sure…they messed with the wrong person this time!


Glad to is a good one!  They went back to their original sound and all for the better.  The mood of the album is a little slower BUT if that is what Tim was writing...better to be true to the songs and not try to throw together upbeat stuff that isn't genuine. 

Monday, May 07, 2012


This is THE AVENGERS I like!

Contrary to what the media has been reporting, I have not been hearing many good things about the NEW AVENGERS movie.  I was skeptical after seeing that horrible THOR film last summer and seeing the CGI filled trailers and commecials for this film.  The media loves to report how much $ a film made it's first weekend, etc.  What is it competing with?  The cost of tickets has gone way up too.  These recent Super Hero movies have put story, character and secret identities last and CGI, video game fighting and action first.  I don't know about you BUT I get bored quick with explosions and CGI fighting.