Friday, May 04, 2018

Car 54, Where are you?

The Munsters

It's Now or Never The Starving Artists 05-03-2018


Scared Stiff

The Munsters

It's Now or Never

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

77 Sunset Strip



77 Sunset Strip

Tuesday 🌞


What a day!

Josh is enjoying Birthday today..84 degrees

Family Affair

Been rewatching the entire series!

The Munsters

This was the drawing Al really liked!  In fact, he called me right away and wanted to use it for a placemat at his restaurant (which of course I told him to go ahead).  I had just started experimenting with duo shade board and am a little embarrassed by it today, but nostalgic over it.  I originally did it for a special card set for the San Diego Comicon, that I think they gave to blood donors.  #themunsters #allewis #grandpasbellegente #rickgoldschmidt #art #duoshade

Pizza Tuesday

Derek art

Tuesday Fun!

Merry Merry month of May!

Happy Birthday to my son Josh!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Charles H. MacNider art museum

Sound of music

Charles H. MacNider art museum

Everyone wanted to be The Green Hornet on ABC-TV Friday nights!

Today is Al Lewis' birthday! Butch admires a Car 54 print...

I'll be a rolling Roustabout..

Watched this episode of the Outer Limits last night..

Beautiful 🌞 Monday!

Surf's up!

Coming soon!

Introducing our new book from the Enchanted world! (Available Fall of 2018)  The Making of Santa Claus is Comin to Town and The Daydreamer (Miser Bros Press) The last thing Arthur Rankin, Jr. Said to me is that he wanted the history to live on...I told him, you don't have to worry about that!  He wrote the foreword to this book in the Fall of 2011, when we were working on the 15th anniversary edition of my first book.  I learned so many new things about these productions in the last several years!  I am excited about this one!  Rick PS:  I have already set up hundreds of radio and TV Interviews for this Holiday release, but if you would like to set one up or an appearance, email me at #santaclausiscomintotown #book #rankinbass #amazon #thedaydreamer #universal #history #author #expert #historian #rickgoldschmidt #biographer #film #television #library #monday #fall #christmas #holidaytv #fun #bluray #documentary #behindthescenes #tv

The Monkees


Monday lunch!

WGN's Chicago's Best at my Buona beef Oak Lawn, IL