Wednesday, January 29, 2020

It's Garfield Goose & Friends day!

Says Lil' Ron Murphy!

This appearance goes back about 12 years and we had the original Rudolph and Santa there!

This was one of our fun appearances at BORDERS BOOKS & MUSIC in Schaumburg, IL with the original Rudolph and Santa Animagic figures!   That is Josh in the shot, so you know it has been a while.   I am writing a very detailed Rankin/Bass magazine article that will be in Twomorrow's RETRO FAN Magazine during the holidays of 2020!   Look for it!

Getting ready to watch Rankin/Bass' Jack Frost this weekend for Ground Hog Day!

C. 2012 Miser Bros Press/Rick Goldschmidt Archives

Frosty is still the biggest and best Belly Whopper around! He and Karen look great in 3D!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Top Cat: Top Cat! The most effectual! Top Cat! Who's intellectual!* Close friends get to call him "T.C.,"Providing it's with dignity! Top Cat! The indisputable leader of the gang.

Valentine cards

I enjoy my BATMAN TV collection....

and I have tons of original stuff in ring binders as well.  My Greenways Productions stuff, is some of my favorite!

This is a really sweet 3-D Piece you have to see in-person! You can order at the link below!

Signing them up!

Monday, January 27, 2020

Jerry Lewis Monday!

Post Cereals make breakfast a little bit better!

I have some 20th Anniversary books shipping to me today!

A nice January treat!

Great sale at Goldblatt's!

Monday lunch choices...