Saturday, August 23, 2008


E-mail me at: with your RANKIN/BASS DVD want list and we can work out a package deal! THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS and THE BERMUDA DEPTHS have been very hot lately. I even have THE RELUCTANT DRAGON & MR. TOAD SHOW now. THE TOMFOOLERY SHOW is always another popular one. THE MOUSE ON THE MAYFLOWER (1968) with McDonald's commercials is a must see for THANKSGIVING! Enjoy!


My pal STEPHEN TOTO sent this BUBBLE CLUB box to JOSH and I today! This one is the hardest to find. FRED FLINTSTONE and HUCKLEBERRY HOUND are enjoying a nice bubble bath together, high up in the sky, in a hot air balloon! UP UP AND AWAY in my beautiful balloon! Where is PETER POTOMUS & SO SO? GREAT idea to include cards of the characters from the SECRET SQUIRREL and ATOM ANT shows! Any kid would love getting dirty to get their hands on those in 1966!

The CUBS are getting the job done!

Here are 3 of the BIGGEST reasons why! I am so glad we got to see a few games in Spring training and at WRIGLEY this season! This could be the year!

Friday, August 22, 2008


My friend BOB ECKSTEIN sent me his wonderful, hardcover, holiday book! I assisted Bob with this seasonal delight! Bob is a humorous writer and writes weekly columns for NEWSDAY, THE VILLAGE VOICE and TIME OUT NEW YORK. His cartoons and artwork have appeared in THE NEW YORKER, THE NEW YORK TIMES, SPY MAGAZINE and DETAILS.
I am going to have PAUL COKER, JR. sign and do a RANKIN/BASS Holiday postcard for 2008 of FROSTY THE SNOWMAN like this! FROSTY is melting! The wonderful UPA FROSTY THE SNOWMAN! I grew up with this and the RANKIN/BASS specials!

My book collection is growing!

Peter Buck is playing a cool GRETSCH guitar that I have been eyeing lately for my next guitar purchase.
My pal and bass player of THE STARVING ARTISTS, Dennis Riordan, is an executive with a company that deals with major book publishers and he dropped this cool, hardcover R.E.M. book (CHRONICLE BOOKS) by here tonight!

Have a GREAT weekend!

DVD packages are going quick! E-mail me at: Going to the post office every day right now! Have a Sensational weekend from us at RANKIN/BASS!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

JOHN K. Looks like there will be some neat GEORGE LIQUOR stuff coming up! John is also offering some neat rubber figures of your favorite political figures. They are taking PRE-ORDERS at AMAZON.


This sign is one of my earliest childhood memories! A very cool sign that used to be at a restaurant in Oak Lawn on Cicero avenue, that is now known as UNCLE SAM'S. The sign now resides at a restaurant in Norridge, IL at Harlem avenue and Irving Park Road. (photo by Mark Braun)


The article on RENDERED SERVICES should be in tomorrow's Chicago Tribune RED EYE NEWSPAPER.


New IPANA Toothpaste! Here is one of my favorite advertising characters. I have several of the commercials. The jingle was written by JIMMY DODD (Leader of the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB) and many of the commercials aired during THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another NEW song...

Working on yet another NEW song for my current recording project called "Manic (You're going to be alone, at the end of the road)." It is a rocker!

Good RANKIN/BASS things coming for the Holidays of 2008!

I am told this new WB DVD box set will include the unreleased THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY, BOOK 2, THE STINGIEST MAN IN TOWN and THE LEPRECHAUN'S CHRISTMAS GOLD. Not sure why they mix in the GRINCH and they could have called this a RANKIN/BASS DVD set. WB used the RANKIN/BASS logo and name on the JACK FROST DVD. THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUS disc is the same as the single disc and does include the RANKIN/BASS Documentary.


My pal RON MURPHY sent over another pic for our CHICAGO KID'S TV Project!


My friend, Jeff Kurtti, sent me his new hardcover DISNEY book! What is not to like?...It is all good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! This is my 1,000th post on my blog!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Josh and I have quite a BREEZLY & SNEEZLY collection! We have this now THANKS to my friend TOM MARGARITES!


Here are a few clippings from my pal RON MURPHY! They are of KILLER JOE PIRO. KILLER JOE choreographed the dance sequences in the RANKIN/BASS hit 'ANIMAGIC' feature film MAD MONSTER PARTY (1967)!


THAT GIRL Season 4 came out on DVD this past Tuesday and it is pretty darn cool! Love the packaging! My friend RON MURPHY gave me this magazine this past week too.

Sara's party pics (set #2)

Tom Margarites takes his turn on the skins

Margy on Josh's guitar


Josh forgot his skateboard

Sara opens some gifts...

Den working the scales

Sara's Birthday Party pictures (set #1)

We played well into the night!
The always reliable DENNIS RIORDAN on bass and MIKE CARNEY on drums (who made a key repair on the HI-HAT!)
"Give me a G#"
Josh the Skateboarder
My sister Stacey on drums to start us off on "You can see it in my eyes"

The Ice Cream cake was still a bit frozen and we broke a knife or two
My sister Lindsey and my Mom

We had four drummers tonight including myself.

Sara and her southside guests..
Tom Margarites on some lightning fast solos!