Saturday, September 14, 2013


NEPTOON button set


I forgot my friend Steve Rude did this drawing for me...  As I recall, he didn't use much for reference either.  Amazing!


 I always liked this picture with Francine York.  Burt Ward is not wearing his mask, because his face isn't seen in the shot.


CONGRATS to my pal Mitch on his recent wedding!

from my pal Jack Davis...


from Ron Murphy

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


The front of these boxes is the only good thing about this cereal :)  It tastes AWFUL!  I remember what the cereal was like in the 1970's and this wasn't it!  It was more of a light, sugary cereal with marshmallows (Like KABOOM) tastes like bland chemicals now...just AWFUL!  The back and side panels of the boxes are also lame. 

It's coming!  I haven't put anything out yet BUT thinking Fall :)


My DRIVE-IN movie intermission trailers DVD cover by my friend Mitch O' Connell


 I have been getting back into the DRIVE-IN again and researching the two that we went to as a family:  The STARLITE DRIVE-IN (Chicago Ridge, IL) where the Chicago Ridge Mall now stands and the SHERIDAN DRIVE-IN (Bridgeview, IL) that stood around 77th and Harlem Avenue behind HAUNTED TRAILS, where a school and strip mall are now.  The SHERIDAN was the coolest...complete with a park underneath the screen, decorated by wood cut cartoon characters.  I remember seeing all of the classic Disney films there with WOODY WOODPECKER cartoons, ZORRO and many more!  I remember seeing THE BAD NEWS BEARS GO TO JAPAN at the drive-in with a KISS live film too :)

Dennis is making a lighted post for my speaker/sign and will post some pictures, when he is finished.  I wanted something unique.

The SHERIDAN and STARLITE are long gone!  I will have to make it out to the CASCADE or the McHENRY OUTDOOR THEATER sometime in the near future.   The DRIVE-IN was such a cool and unique experience.  I am glad I have many of the INTERMISSIONS and commercials on DVDs now.  The problem with going to the DRIVE-IN or any theaters now, is the films they show.  If it is a family film, it is sub-par to the films we saw at the DRIVE-IN years ago and if it is an Adult film,  it is also sub-par.  Modern entertainment today = SUCKS!


posted on FACEBOOK by Brandon Lichvar.  I was at TARGET yesterday and the employees there said they were getting them on the 15th.  For some reason, in Illinois...the HALLOWEEN stuff is put out late.  They still have the BACK TO SCHOOL section up.  Other stores put Halloween stuff out in July.


A cool grab from the SCREEN TESTS that Jim Alexander posted on FACEBOOK.  I always liked how the BATMAN costume still reflected the movie serial costumes with the cool bat emblem and ears on the cowl.