Wednesday, September 11, 2013


 I have been getting back into the DRIVE-IN again and researching the two that we went to as a family:  The STARLITE DRIVE-IN (Chicago Ridge, IL) where the Chicago Ridge Mall now stands and the SHERIDAN DRIVE-IN (Bridgeview, IL) that stood around 77th and Harlem Avenue behind HAUNTED TRAILS, where a school and strip mall are now.  The SHERIDAN was the coolest...complete with a park underneath the screen, decorated by wood cut cartoon characters.  I remember seeing all of the classic Disney films there with WOODY WOODPECKER cartoons, ZORRO and many more!  I remember seeing THE BAD NEWS BEARS GO TO JAPAN at the drive-in with a KISS live film too :)

Dennis is making a lighted post for my speaker/sign and will post some pictures, when he is finished.  I wanted something unique.

The SHERIDAN and STARLITE are long gone!  I will have to make it out to the CASCADE or the McHENRY OUTDOOR THEATER sometime in the near future.   The DRIVE-IN was such a cool and unique experience.  I am glad I have many of the INTERMISSIONS and commercials on DVDs now.  The problem with going to the DRIVE-IN or any theaters now, is the films they show.  If it is a family film, it is sub-par to the films we saw at the DRIVE-IN years ago and if it is an Adult film,  it is also sub-par.  Modern entertainment today = SUCKS!

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