Saturday, April 18, 2020

It's great to see this in-person and add to the collection! You can buy the whole series of 3-D Rankin/Bass art (Large shadow boxes and desk tops) at #rankinbassproductions

Advertising characters


Gene Deitch R.I.R.I.P.

The Rat

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Still signing the big one! #theenchantedworldofrankinbass

I am going to watch this film with commentary on (which I never do). Butch Patrick (Frosty book) and Rob Zombie (Mad Monster Party book) both make appearances in our books 😁 #munstergohome and my friend Kevin Burns helped with the release 😷

Yesterday, I heard from a friend of mine from Turner Classic Movies (TCM)/programming. He came to one of my panels at Dragon Con in Atlanta last year, and bought books at my table and we discussed a Rankin/Bass presentation with my involvement. On Friday, May 22nd, TCM will air the three Rankin/Bass films Produced with Joseph E. Levine in prime time finally. The marathon starts at 8 pm with Mad Monster Party, followed by The Daydreamer and ends with The Wacky World of Mother Goose. I wasn't able to attend, due to the pandemic, but if you get a chance, drop TCM a line and let them know you would like to see me bring some rare items and discuss the behind-the-scenes the next time around. #rankinbassproductions #historian #tcm

We covered the Frosty sequels In our Frosty the Snowmam scrapbook ☃️ Looks like we aren't through with the snow, more on the way tonight! ❄ 60 car pileup in the snow yesterday morning! Idot was sleeping in via stay at home orders from Chicago leaders 🤣 #frostyswinterwonderland #rudolphandfrostyschristmasinjuly