Saturday, April 13, 2019

Tomorrow night at this time 9 PM Central time


An original art wall of mine, that we shot a segment for Collector's Call call, but didn't make the final episode. The Rankin/Bass cel third from left in the white frame from Festival of Family classics, did make the series logo on the 2nd floor of the doll house. I have a story for each one of these pieces of art. The Jack Davis painting of Arthur Rankin, was Jack's very last painting. #metv #art #rickgoldschmidtcollection #saturday #lisawhelchel

Easter is next weekend already!

04-13-2019 update: Paul is still doing well. I am thinking about Maury as I watch the classic Rankin/Bass Easter specials again! #easter #april #maurylaws

At my table in the Copper Room at CHILLER THEATRE April 26 & 27 (Possibly on the 28th too)

Looking forward to seeing my friend Frank again in a few weeks! Bringing some Special Woolworth Halloween Ben Cooper ads on metal!

My schedule...I added a few dates. I know one was the Orland Park Public Library November 14th at 2pm (No book signing though). I will be on WGN RADIO this coming Wednesday April 17th at 11:35 AM on The Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder show too!

The Mighty Hercules

Chiller Theatre is 2 weeks from this weekend!

I wish I could have had the new book ready for Chiller (I worked day and night on it in January, to make it happen), but at least I have a sign for it. Frosty is 50 this year and worked on a few big Frosty projects for 2019! I have another television project airing around Thanksgiving too ☃️ #chillertheatre #frostythesnowman Collector's Call #metv #newjersey #rankinbass

Friday, April 12, 2019

People are still asking me where they can watch my episode and the 2 bonus segments. Click the link below...


Our 5th book is at

The Monkees

Oh he was Flipper, Flipper, Flipper...faster than lightning!

The Subject of this week's COLLECTOR'S CALL on ME TV

 The Subject of Sunday's episode of Collector's Call on Me TV at 9 pm with Deb Hoffmann's collection! Collector's Call #metv #lisawhelchel

Thursday, April 11, 2019

More Soles in my collection...

Wallopin' Websnappers! I want to Thank my pal Stan Shabaz for picking these up for me last weekend! Collector's Call #hermeytheelf #spiderman #paulsoles #autographs


Last year Whelchel became a collectible herself with the resurrection of the legendary 1970’s toy company Mego, famed for its licensed action figures, which have since become very collectible. One of the first toys the company distributed was a Blair “action figure.”

“I didn't know about Mego till we covered a collector on the show who collected ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s memorabilia from TV shows,” she shared. “We filmed it before the Blair doll came out.” When Blair appeared on store shelves, “I was like, 'Oh my goodness, I know this company and I am in the same company as superheroes!’ That's kind of cool, and while it doesn't look like me at all, it doesn't matter. It has the uniform, name and hair, so for me it wasn't about that. It was just the thrill and privilege of having a character figure and that feels great!”

Collector's Call #metv #mego #rickgoldschmidtcollection #lisawhelchel #blairwarner #thefactsoflife

Rankin/Bass' The Daydreamer book

The Monkees

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

National Sibling day?

Is it national Sibling day? This is from an old slide I think my grandmother Esther took. Check out that old Alsip Police squad car my Dad would drive home. I think I put the Superman outfit on, because it finally fit was always too big. That is the suit that had a cartoon disclaimer on there not to try could get hurt. #superman #nationalsiblingday

Easter is almost here!


 One of my friends was disappointed not to see some of my spy stuff in COLLECTOR'S CALL, so I took a few pictures.   All of my Man From U.N.C.L.E. stuff was featured in the BONUS material from The Man From U.N.C.L.E. dvd release in the brief case and also in the first CD soundtrack design.

Wes McCue has gloves at CLASSIK PLASTICK

Christmas 2019 is a big one for Rankin/Bass' Frosty the Snowman!

At the Premiere party....

I love this one! BIG Fantastic Four fan!

The Green Hornet

Lisa Whelchel interview on The Talk Show 5 April 2019 - My stuff ended up in this show last Friday!

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Here is the link to our full episode of COLLECTOR'S CALL, in case you missed it on ME TV Sunday night....

I did this radio and podcast interview tonight with Bill Alexander....

Pow! April 26-29 A Don't miss for many, many reasons!

Questions about Rankin/Bass' Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

I am getting lots of questions about my Rudolph segments in Collector's Call (There is a bonus segment on Rudolph at

Many have asked, Who created all of the wonderful and unique characters from the Rankin/Bass version for the TV Special.   Was it Robert L. May?  No, he wrote the short story book for Montgomery Ward.   Was it Johnny Marks?   No, May's brother-in-law wrote the song and then Rankin/Bass hired him to write the additional songs for the program.  Maury Laws was hired as Musical Supervisor (The first time he was given that title).

The characters were created by Romeo Muller, Jr. in the several scripts he wrote for the historic program and then designed by Antony Peters for the Animagic technicians in Japan to make Animagic figures for the TV Special.   Romeo based several of the characters on actual friends of his, such as his girlfriend Clarice.  Hermey was based off of another dear friend.    He created all of the wonderful toys in the Island of Misfit toys as well.   I hope this clears up some of the misconceptions circulating.   Romeo always worked close with Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass in the final development of the special, but his creativity gave the specials an extra level of uniqueness that has made them sustain the test of time! 

I will be on the radio with Bill Alexander tonight at 9 pm Central time and I believe it goes online shortly after. His links are below....

Bill Alexander

Fayette TV/Channel 77

I have been getting many messages all over with questions and appearance requests....

If you are interested in having me appear at your convention, library, venue or to do panels and presentations, you can email me at

Monday, April 08, 2019

Here is a nice graphic Joe Ahearn made from our episode! Joe does all the current Captain Action material...


A funny story I had about Lisa...

Since Lisa told a funny but nice story about me, I have one about her (I told one of the Producers at the premiere). She sent me this for Christmas 🎅 Signed by the whole cast! I was telling my friend Joel Rasmussen about it a few weeks ago and he told me about a 1970s Mickey Mouse Club reunion he went to. Joel bought one of her original sets of ears at an auction there. He noticed Lisa's daughter had a lunchbox, but was afraid to go around and get the others in the cast to sign it. Lisa told her go on...don't be shy. After I hung up with Joel, I looked at the lunchbox again and it all made sense, as she signed Mommy underneath her name. Now her daughter is getting married! Congrats to her and Thanks for the Box with a Collector's Call story behind it! #lisawhelchel #metv #themickeymouseclub #lunchbox

A funny story by Lisa about me...

Bonus features

$500,000 man

Ha ha! I found this on Twitter! I am the $500,000 man! I'll take it. Collector's Call Me-TV #rankinbass #rickgoldschmidt #episode2

The full episode online version is up!

Saw my friends Jim and Rich at the Premiere party! They have an episode coming up in May!

The Eye of the Tiger and Political Analysist

My friends Jim P. and Paul L.! I caught Jim outside as we were leaving. I sold my double cutaway Les Paul to one of his Survivor band mates last year. I think his episode airs May 5 and Paul's tonight before mine. They showed a ton of mine during the Facts of Life marathon and I was impressed with the Batman and Rankin/Bass footage! Lisa sent us a special message, I will share later. Collector's Call #metv #idesofmarch #survivor #wgntv #cltv