Saturday, April 24, 2010

I have the Wide-screen version of the WARNER BROTHERS film on right now! We saw a Clayton Moore autographed insert poster yesterday at the PORTILLO'S in Schaumburg! Jay Silverheels son did a voice in the RANKIN/BASS series KID POWER!

"From television city in Hollywood"

I am enjoying re-watching the first season of ALL IN THE FAMILY. I love watching how the actors and actresses created their characters in the early episodes. The writing right from the very beginning was top notch and no show was as thought provoking and as humorous.

This is AWESOME! Josh and I like the CD and DVD and it all comes in a very cool book packaging!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

This is THE ZORRO film! Tyrone Power is perfect as Don Diego Vega/ZORRO! The black and white version is better than the new colorized version BUT I am glad they included the card set and the great Tyrone Power BIOGRAPHY.
I love the Alfred Newman score to this film! I remember it well from watching it on FAMILY CLASSICS with Frazier Thomas!

Basil Rathbone is once again perfectly cast in another classic film!
This is a pretty cool CD I have been listening to. I like Danny's version of "Jingle Bells."


FUSE is showing GREEN DAY all day to celebrate EARTH DAY and GREEN DAY has set something up on their website to be proactive about saving the Earth... AMERCIAN IDIOT opened on Broadway the other day to rave reviews! I read the NEW YORK TIMES and CHICAGO TRIBUNE reviews.

Some cool LAUREL & HARDY at
All the RANKIN/BASS shows met this!
HOUSE OF BLUES in Chicago....I am there!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Their NEW single "Saturday Sun" is up at and they are coming to Chicago to play the HOUSE OF BLUES in September again!

The Ultimate IRONMAN

THE BEST! Looking forward to May 7th!

1967 Oak Lawn Tornado

I am getting ready to rewatch my RAT PACK box set!

JESSE'S TAVERN 04-20-2010

We had a lot O' fun at JESSE'S TAVERN Tuesday night! It was a very musical evening!

photographs by Scott Summers

Dennis under the bright lights!
Katie runs the club...

THANKS to everyone that came out tonight!

Josh is selling one of his guitars signed by one of our favorite guitarists....ANDY SUMMERS of THE POLICE. It is a FENDER STRATOCASTER copy made by ELECA.

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Josh and Sara hanging out at Grandma Carol's this past Fall...
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