Sunday, April 18, 2010

ALLEN SWIFT 1924-2010

Allen with his wife Lenore June, 2009 New York, NY

We were so sorry to hear that our dear friend ALLEN SWIFT passed away today. I am so gald we were able to do the interview that we included in the MAD MONSTER PARTY documentary! Allen was a legendary voice actor that did voices for many famous characters (Animated, live-action and puppets). He did many voices for THE HOWDY DOODY SHOW, THE UNDERDOG SHOW (Simon Barsinister among them), DIVER DAN, etc. Besides doing most of the voices for the RANKIN/BASS feature film MAD MONSTER PARTY, he also did voices for RANKIN/BASS in THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF DANNY KAYE: THE EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES, MAD,MAD,MAD MONSTERS, THE RED BARON, PINOCCHIO'S CHRISTMAS, THE EASTER BUNNY IS COMIN' TO TOWN, THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY, BOOK 2 and 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS. He will definitely be remembered and missed!

Allen also appeared in RANKIN/BASS' only off-broadway musical A MONTH OF SUNDAYS. Allen appeared in many plays/musicals on Broadway.

THANKS to our friend Kevin House for letting us know and to Seamus Walsh and Mark Caballero for the great interview pics! I recorded a lengthy interview that I did with Allen many years ago, that I will publish sometime in the future.

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