Saturday, July 13, 2019

Jack Frost

A mint one came in the mail #thethreestooges #theoutlawsiscoming #adamwest #goldkey 🤣 — in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

When I did my Hallmark store tour during Christmas of 2017, I thought the chain was on the verge of one in there during the holidays. Today, I am checking out and there are two elderly women side by side at the two open registers taking an eternity. Their combined bill that came up visibly on both screens was $600! One joked and said "This could have been my plane ticket," but then said to her husband, "That is what you are for." I think it is safe to say Hallmark will be open for a while. Frosty looks good and a little bigger than usual 🎅 I love all of these WB lobby card ornaments too! #frostythesnowman #rankinbassproductions #foghornleghorn #eggheadjr #warnerbroscartoons — in Oak Lawn, Illinois.


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