Saturday, November 17, 2012

1960'S COMMERCIALS Mighty Mouse Post Alpha-Bits Cereal,

1960's commercials The Chipmunks for Post Alpha-Bits Cereal,




After the wonderful book JIM HENSON'S DESIGNS AND DOODLES.....comes another one IMAGINATION ILLUSTRATED:  THE JIM HENSON JOURNAL!   I love all of Jim's earlier work and this book has it :)  Sensational!


I am hoping Jack will sign our book plate :)

Books Monday!   BLACK FRIDAY SALE!


from Ron Murphy

 photo by Jim Engel


 They were Amazing at THE CHICAGO THEATER last night!  I have seen them many times over the years...together and solo, and this was by far their BEST LIVE performance!   Musicianship was A+ and every time Peter played the Banjo, they took it to the next level :)  So many GREAT performances to speak of including all of my favorite Michael Nesmith tunes!  "Tapioca Tundra,"  "Papa Gene's Blues" and "You Told Me" sounded so full!  Mike found his GRETSCH "Blond Beauty" to be out of tune after "Sunny Girlfriend" and wanted to make up for it by playing it again BUT after some more technical issues, they launched into a great version of "You Just May Be The One."    

Micky gave some vocal performances that I was in disbelief and could still do the dance to "Goin' Down."  He was full of energy and solid on the drums!  Peter played all of his favorites and even played bass on some of the HEADQUARTERS numbers BUT his banjo playing really made the MONKEES sound :)  The back up band was PRIMO including Christian Nesmith and Coco Dolenz! (I didn't like the back up band from their 1986 reunion and some of the other reunion shows)

Davy was not forgotten and was featured in a few video montages and songs.  I video taped Davy singing "Daydream Believer" at the last Chicago area performance he made and will post it soon on YOU TUBE.

If you are a MONKEES fan, you will not want to miss this!  I hope they film one of the shows and make it available via BLU RAY/DVD.  One interesting note, the line for the merchandise was over 30 minutes long!  They had SOLD OUT of tour programs and most of the T-Shirts!

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We are starting to schedule radio and TV interviews...  email  Some RANKIN/BASS fans have been asking;  Is this 15th Anniversary Edition that much better than the original version of the book?  I can only answer this in one way...It is the BEST thing I have ever done (as far as a product is concerned).   ARTHUR RANKIN, JR. wanted BEST QUALITY on this book and I can't wait to hold the finished product in my hands next week!   If you are a RANKIN/BASS fan, you will love it!   I didn't do this alone and have MANY people to THANK and I will do so repeatedly over the next few months!  People like Wes Garlatz, that laid this out in such an Amazing way, that I can't describe it :)  Artists pals like Patrick Owsley, Matt Pott, Jim Engel, Chris Mason, Mark Christiansen, Bruce Timm, Paul Coker, Jr. and many, many more!  We have a special $10 off BLACK FRIDAY SALE going on right now and it will go back up to it's list price on orders after BLACK FRIDAY.  There are also a LIMITED number of books coming next week and the balance will follow in Mid-December, so act fast!

I love DEREK art!

$10 off!

The website bugs are all gone....PRE-ORDER now and save $10 via the BLACK FRIDAY sale!

website PRE-ORDER bugs!

Recently discovered that there was some sort of problem PRE-ORDERING the book during our BLACK FRIDAY special, if you are using INTERNET EXPLORER as your browser.   It works fine with FIREFOX, GOOGLE CHROME, etc.   Trying to get this fixed right now.   If you went in under INTERNET EXPLORER, you will not see the text about the book or the shopping cart, etc.


Some very nice art of 007.   SEAN CONNERY is JAMES BOND to me BUT I did like ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE.   I thought the NEW James Bond (Daniel Craig?) was Polish :)