Saturday, October 28, 2006

NBC in 3-D!

I went to see the new 3-D edition of TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS last night and enjoyed it even more than I did during it's first release in 1993. Even though the film was not shot in 3-D, some nice effects were added in...such as snowflakes, etc. It is definitely not the screen popping animation that can be achieved filming in 3-D BUT it did enhance the picture. The glasses were nice and it doesn't matter where you sit in the theatre. PIXAR's KNICK KNACK was the short before the film and looked GREAT,but it was the newer 'small breasts' version that I am not a big fan of. They should have left the original version of the film aired in theatres many times before with the 'big breasts' and was even issued on video that way. NBC is a must see for HALLOWEEN! The new double disc soundtrack is also well worth the $! It has a 3-D linticular cover and some good covers and demos on the 2nd disc. It's on sale at BEST BUY for $11.99. I also helped with a book that is available now called THE ART OF STOP-MOTION by Ken A. Priebe, which features a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS cover. There is a small section on RANKIN/BASS in this HOW TO book!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Here is some HALLOWEEN fun! Courtesy of my friend RON MURPHY!


What a GREAT way to wrap up these dates in Chicago..with FRIENDS/LOYAL fans! The Blossoms are probably the nicest band on the road and continue to prove it time and time again. Their fans are the BEST as well and many travel a GREAT distance to see and support them!


Everyone enjoyed the RIALTO in JOLIET! It is a beautiful theatre known for top acts, Dance recitals (My daughter's were there) and the wedding reception of PETER BRADY (Chris Knight). GIN BLOSSOMS rocked the joint! ROBIN stepped out into the audience more than once and the acoustics were GREAT!