Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sara's Birthday Weekend

From VOGUE Courtesy of RON MURPHY


This has been quite a vacation week and tomorrow is the big smasharoo Birthday party for my daughter Sara! Played Golf, Baseball and football again today with Josh. Visited MIRA today for a hair styling and got my packages mailed to date! Had my ring cleaned and getting all sorts of things done.... Party pictures to come!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A visit with my pal RON MURPHY

A cool MARY BLAIR book cover!
A Wonderful MARY BLAIR Christmas image...

LOVE Advertising characters!
Josh and I drove out to Aurora to visit with my pal RON MURPHY and his son WYATT. He always saves cool clippings and various items he knows I collect, like these cool things and I will be posting a few more things in coming days. We went to a few ANTIQUE stores and picked up some cool things as well and had lunch at GOODIES.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

BOWLING for dollars

Josh and I bowled three more games today in addition to playing baseball, football, riding bikes, etc. Mr. Energy keeps me busy!

BJ & DIRTY DRAGON Bill Jackson has a NEW book!

Who could forget BJ & DIRTY DRAGON, if you grew up in Chicago? Or GIGGLESNORT HOTEL if you lived elsewhere? Well now, Bill Jackson has a new book out about his early years. His memoirs tell the story of how he got his creative genius. He actually started his career in entertainment after studying with Daws Butler and Don Messick. The rest is CHICAGO KID's TV History! I wrote an article about BILL at and it was later published in the very cool TV PARTY book!

His programs won four Chicago Emmys and two Iris Awards as Best Major Market Children’s Television in America. One of Jackson’s series, The Gigglesnort Hotel, achieved nationwide syndication in over seventy markets, plus Canada, Italy, Singapore, and Saudi Arabia. Jackson is listed on the internet’s Wikipedia, and featured in the books TVparty, Children’s Television?Part II, In Their Own Words?Vol. III, and The Golden Age of Chicago Children’s Television. In recognition of his career, Jackson was inducted in 2005 into The Silver Circle, Chicago television’s Hall of Fame.

The Only Kid on the Carnival is a humorous, heart-tugging story that stirs the dreamer in all of us. It is available for purchase on the internet at

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


E-mail me for the RARE RANKIN/BASS titles on DVD at I offer deals on packages. With the holidays coming....the demand becomes greater and greater, so let me know as soon as possible.

Back to the driving range

Mr. Energy is burning off his energy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

More of my collection..

Here is a section of my collection I never posted before. HALLOWEEN is coming and these are cool!


Busy vacation day! Went to three seperate places to price and look at samples of what my 3rd edition (Very Limited) could look like of THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO. Want to have this for the holidays of 2008! I did an interview for the RED EYE/CHICAGO TRIBUNE today regarding that horrible towing company that towed my car a few months back. Apparently they towed lots of cars during the BUD BILIKEN PARADE and are in lots of hot water! DAVID SHIRK re-mastered my RICK GOLDSCHMIDT SINGS UNPLUGGED CD today to add a bit more punch at SONOROUS MASTERING in Tempe, AZ!


We went to a skate park in Hometown, IL this am. It has been a very active vacation so far...we are driving practice golf balls with irons as I type this and then off on a bike ride. Josh is way better than I am on a skateboard and has spent alot of his vacation at skate camps. I wiped out a few times this am BUT feel good. Josh tried a backside, a 5.0, 50/50, tre flip and a few other tricks.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Josh and I decided to visit one of our favorite collectibles stores in Chicago today, located on North Lincoln.
Another gorgous day in Chicago! Had an idea for another song called "Bad Karma." It is about people that throw off so much negative energy, that they attract it back like a human magnet.

Here is a JAY WARD "Alfie" hand puppet we found from CAPTAIN CRUNCH

My pal DAVID GUTTERMAN store owner and Josh with his trademark eyes closed for a picture. His JUMPING DJ Mattel game from BEANY & CECIL is on the counter.

Had to pay a visit to SUPERDAWG while we were on the Northside and boy was it packed! The CHEESE FRIES are the thing to get! We saw FLAURIE (one of the original owners) there and picked up a MAURY & FLAURIE doll set.