Saturday, October 26, 2019

I can't even explain how loaded this place is with good stuff! Come on out at 8 am tomorrow until 3 pm!

 My favorite badge of any show I have done!

 Chuck almost cleaned me out on Blu Rays and Dvds!

I wanted to show Hayley the original Rankin/Bass Animagic figure of the Little Mermaid with the Sea Witch (Tallulah Bankhead) courtesy of Screen-Novelties, but she will have to settle for a high res photo for now 🎃 #thelittlemermaid #thedaydreamer #rankinbassproductions #screennovelties #animagic #original #hayleymills

Hayley Mills now has a copy of our book, which includes Hayley in The Daydreamer! Thanks to my pal Larry Latouf for passing it on! #thedaydreamer #thelittlemermaid #hayleymills 🎃 #rankinbassproductions

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Updated 2019 schedule (Still adding some more events)

The Munsters

 Dennis took these shots a few weeks ago at our appearance


 I took this photo today by my Brother's place....
Dennis took this shot in Branson, MO today!

This is going to be one outstanding Halloween event!

Halloween fun!

 Costumes the month and year Batman premiered!
 A book I always recommend!
 Sam!   She's gorgeous just like Darren would say!
 Mickey and Felix are at the door playing cat and mouse!
John getting ready to sing "Moonlight Bay!"

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Monday, October 21, 2019

You're a blockhead Charlie Brown!

An Aladdin School lunch kit could house all kinds of good food! #aladdin #schoollunchkits #lunchboxes #thermos #school

Some fun Halloween odds and ends!

 Jon has the Phantom mask based on the James Cagney rendition by Ben Cooper
 I forgot to watch the New Adventures of Mr. Magoo, until my friend Dave Pruiksma reminded me
 Who doesn't love those title cards?
 With Jack on the set of Son of Frankenstein
Nancy wearing her Queenie dress from Batman