Saturday, November 15, 2014

Performing martian magic tricks with my uncle Martin today, as we try to fix his ship out in my garage :)

BATMAN 1966 BLU RAY errors and deletions! Posted a review at AMAZON

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Here is Jerrod Maruyama's art for the group art show December 6th at CREATURE FEATURES in Burbank, CA!

The NEW Rankin/Bass' The Year Without A Santa Claus prints come out tomorrow!

Rankin/Bass-historian: United States Post Office Rankin/Bass Rudolph The ...

Rankin/Bass-historian: United States Post Office Rankin/Bass Rudolph The ...: My first day issue historical text for the program and press release.  I was the first person to answer the question correctly on the USP...


I heard from Jack yesterday!  He is getting his piece together for the show at CREATURE FEATURES December 6th!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We salute our Veterans on Veteran's day!


So far, I watched disc one and the BONUS FEATURES.   The series looks Amazing!   With that said, I am disappointed that they left off some of the 'Next Week' promos.   One would have to ask why?   I have them on a previous DVD set, so not that big of deal. Started watching season two now and they even took off a NEXT WEEK that was in syndication for the Clock King?  The BONUS FEATURES are very disappointing!  Why are these things consistently handled improperly?  I want to see actresses and actors that appeared in episodes like Yvonne Craig, Susan Silo, John Astin, Van Williams, Francine York, Deanna Lund, Sherry Jackson, Joe E. Tata, etc.  Instead, we get treated to many people I do not know.   Thank God Kevin Burns (I spoke to him over the weekend) put out the 2 disc bonus DVD set some years ago called HOLY BATMANIA, because that contains what this set is missing.   They even had to cut Burt Ward's friend out of his screen test for apparent legal reasons (He appears on BATMANIA).   With that said, I still love finally having the complete series on Blu Ray!  Now I am hearing scenes are missing and have had problems playing some discs.

Monday, November 10, 2014



I have been watching Season one and two (Season 3 hasn't been released yet) of THE FLYING NUN.  I forgot how much I loved this series about a 90 pound nun from Chicago that can fly!  Sally Field is Awesome!  Started watching this after watching the entire season of GIDGET.    The Christmas episode has always been my favorite and they even share some of the same decorations as THE MONKEES :)  I noticed in the 4th episode of THE FLYING NUN, the cast goes into THE MONKEES beach home at night.   An instrumental version of YOUR AUNTIE GRIZELDA is featured in a few episodes as well.   Some of the sets in season two were used in HEAD as well.   I will have to take a BAT break tomorrow!

No more toys?! TIME & SPACE TOYS has them! Some are EXCLUSIVES too!

Thanksgiving day IHEART Radio show done today with Joe :)


It airs Thursdays from 9am-10am on WXLV. My show happens to fall on Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year, so I want to put together special shows for those holidays. We are an internet radio station, so we can be heard at our website or I can't wait!!! This will be fun!

Here are the links for WXLV:

Sunday, November 09, 2014

United States Post Office Rankin/Bass Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 50th Anniversary Postage Stamps

Laurie McClellan and I wrote the first day issue historical text for the program and press release.  I was the first person to answer the question correctly on the USPS FACEBOOK page about the form of stop-motion Rankin/Bass used 'Animagic.'   I was the one that made that clear in the first place.   So many people call it 'Claymation' or just plain 'stop-motion,' which is incorrect.  I am so glad I got to show Arthur Rankin, Jr. the stamps and text before he passed.  He was proud.  He actually wanted them to use different images from our archives, for the actual stamps (I see one of them in part has been getting used on the tags for the merchandise).

I have been doing tons of media interviews already:  TV GUIDE, BAY AREA NEWSPAPERS, IHEART RADIO, WESTWOOD ONE, etc.  If you would like to set up an interview, email me at