Tuesday, November 11, 2014


So far, I watched disc one and the BONUS FEATURES.   The series looks Amazing!   With that said, I am disappointed that they left off some of the 'Next Week' promos.   One would have to ask why?   I have them on a previous DVD set, so not that big of deal. Started watching season two now and they even took off a NEXT WEEK that was in syndication for the Clock King?  The BONUS FEATURES are very disappointing!  Why are these things consistently handled improperly?  I want to see actresses and actors that appeared in episodes like Yvonne Craig, Susan Silo, John Astin, Van Williams, Francine York, Deanna Lund, Sherry Jackson, Joe E. Tata, etc.  Instead, we get treated to many people I do not know.   Thank God Kevin Burns (I spoke to him over the weekend) put out the 2 disc bonus DVD set some years ago called HOLY BATMANIA, because that contains what this set is missing.   They even had to cut Burt Ward's friend out of his screen test for apparent legal reasons (He appears on BATMANIA).   With that said, I still love finally having the complete series on Blu Ray!  Now I am hearing scenes are missing and have had problems playing some discs.

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