Sunday, September 26, 2010


I just had to write something about this :) WORST BUY would make a great WACKY PACKAGE sticker....BUT it is also true! I have spent a great deal of money at the store over the years and probably my last dollar recently. I have noticed a great change in the retail outlet in the last few years and today's newspaper ad says it all! They created this new concept called "DOORBUSTER SPECIAL." They are offering a so-called discount, if you come into the store during the first two hours of business Tuesday (I guess that means a discount to the unemployed). Their IRON MAN 2 BLU RAY single disc will be $19.99 ($2 more than every other store) for the first two hours and then shoot up to $22.99 for the rest of the day and there after :) While TARGET and has a price of $17.99 all day and there after. I already ordered mine from with no tax and free shipping. I am wondering how BEST BUY stays open? They are not far behind BLOCKBUSTER with their sales tactics. They stopped advertising classic TV series and movies and advertise things like SCRUBS season 7 (Final season)? Who is buying this crap?! They don't even carry the classic stuff in the store anymore. Their stock is lousy and their employees don't know anything.
from TARGET's Sunday newspaper ad

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