Friday, December 22, 2006

12-22-2006 NEWS!

Arthur Rankin, Jr. reports that his paper in Bermuda THE MID OCEAN NEWS carried a full page article on RANKIN/BASS and myself. It can be found on the web at I was also advised today that our NUDE HIPPO: YOUR CHICAGO SHOW didn't make it onto the air last night BUT will definitely be on the 12-28-2006 show at 7pm on Channel 25 on CHICAGO CABLE. It will also be posted at I enjoyed the evening radio interview I did in Columbia, MO with my friend DEREK tonight! He tried to get BILLIE MAE RICHARDS on the air with us BUT she was unavailable. I called PAUL COKER, JR. tonight about the revised book cover for THE ENCHANTED WORLD OF RANKIN/BASS: A PORTFOLIO. I will keep you posted. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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