Monday, June 07, 2021

Don Duga R.I.P. My dear friend and Rankin/Bass storyboard artist Don Duga passed away May 31st, 2021 in Riverhead, NY at the age of 87. Don was a great help and is featured in all of my books. Whenever I asked for Don's help, he was there. He worked on many of the big Rankin/Bass productions such as Santa Claus Is Comin' to town, Frosty the Snowman, Mad Monster Party, The Daydreamer and The Last Unicorn. He got his start in animation working at UPA with John Hubley, story boarding on Mr. Magoo. He appeared with Arthur Rankin at the School of visual arts in NY (where he taught) November 20th, 1997, the day my first book was released and signed books. We appeared together at the Museum of television and radio in 2003 and again in Hobokin. He appeared in the Mad Monster Party and The Year Without A Santa Claus documentaries as a favor to me. I tried to get him to Chiller Theatre in New Jeresey, but he became ill when he was to be picked up. All I can say, is what a great and supportive guy he was! Now when you see his name in the Rankin/Bass credits of most of the shows, you know a little about the magic he brought to Animagic! #donduga #rankinbassproductions #storyboarder

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