Sunday, March 10, 2019

Another grand slam out of the ballpark on Spring ahead Sunday at TOYZ N' COSPLAY CON in Oak Lawn!

 The advertising really paid off for Donna (Promoter of this show) and a large crowd attended!   I met so many local Rankin/Bass fans who have been to some of my other shows and they all have their DVRs set for April 7th at 9 pm on ME TV!   

I thought this Mickey Costume was great!

 The new venue was tremendous, as was the case with GEEKZ CON too!  Both shows are getting better each time!

 After setting up, we moved to the front of the show to greet the people as they came in!

Thanks to my pal Raul for some much needed help!

Thanks so much to the Oak Lawn area Rankin/Bass fans!   My next appearance is at The Hollywood Show Chicago March 23rd 10 am until 5 pm!   I will be there Saturday only!  See you there with a few new surprises!

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