Thursday, February 28, 2019

Starting April 7th on ME TV 9 pm Central time!

     I can finally talk about the episode and series!  It starts April 7th on ME TV.   It was originally to air on DECADES, but I think the shake up with CBS/DECADES and many losing the channel, prompted it to be on ME TV.  I should know when my episode will air shortly.  That is my Ideal Captain Action collection above, and my collection occupies the Attic and the 2nd floor of the Doll House logo in the show (Pictured below with Lisa and our Makeup lady).  

UPDATE:  Looks like our show airs April 7th in the 2nd half hour of the Premiere at 9:30 pm

Nostalgic Entertainment and Political Items (April 7)
                                     Nostalgic Toys and Advertising (April 7) Rick Goldschmidt
                                     Winnie the Pooh (April 14)
                                     Rock Band KISS (April 21)
You can read more about the show at 

They also started a Facebook page for the show.

I saw the promo on Vimeo a few weeks ago, but didn't share, as I knew they wanted to wait until the official announcement. 

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