Friday, May 25, 2018

The Daydreamer dvd

I Co-Produced this DVD for Studio Canal.  So few Rankin/Bass DVDs/Blu Rays get done right.  This was one of the few that was.  There is an insert with liner notes I wrote.   I provided all of the extras in the still gallery and there are three black and white commercials that are Excellent!  There are also Easter eggs on the page with commercials that get you to the Rankin/Bass trailers.  I worked on all three of the Joseph E. Levine/Rankin/Bass DVD film releases and they are all good!   This was the 2nd cover issue and it comes with a cardboard slip case that sparkles.  The Mad Monster Party DVD and BLU RAY were issued better through LIONS GATE, which I also Co-Produced with three documentaries.   These were all done right.   Later, I will be talking about how Rankin/Bass Blu Rays can be ruined on my Television and radio appearances and at many of my convention appearances this year!

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