Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Animagic from Rankin/Bass' MARCO being restored!

 This past weekend brought some ANIMAGIC MAGIC!  A few of the Animagic tree eleves from Rankin/Bass' feature film MARCO (1973) reappeared out of the trees of Japan.   Masaki Iizuka and I were recently talking about how much we love the Animagic scene in MARCO called "Peace Berries."  Masaki said, "I think it was the best Animagic we ever did!"

 As you can see from the photographs, they need some serious love and care...the kind that SCREEN-NOVELTIES can give them :)  Actually, these are now the property of SCREEN-NOVELTIES and they will do just that.   Seamus, Robin and Mark did a wonderful job with the restoral of Santa Claus and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and in some ways, they were in worse shape.


This Tree Elf is from the Romeo Muller estate and features the missing leaf hat that appears to be missing from the boy elf.   Gene Muller took some good reference photos for me back in 2001, that I am digging out for the restoral of these two.

It's sheer ANIMAGIC!  www.screen-novelties.com

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