Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The National News


I recontacted WORLD NEWS at ABC w/ Diane Sawyer (of which I helped with the Billie Mae Richards (voice of Rudolph) obit a few years ago), NBC NIGHTLY NEWS (which did a nice obit on Larry D. Mann (voice of Yukon) about a month ago) and CBS NEWS w/ Scott Peller about Arthur BOTH through FACEBOOK and their websites. Maybe they just don't have a clue, even though it was reported in the LA TIMES, NY TIMES, THE WASHINGTON POST, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, YAHOO! and VARIETY. Their focus has been on egg throwing and heroin lately (and dumbing down America). CBS has been airing Arthur's RUDOLPH for 50 years and his FROSTY since 1969...they should be doing a 60 MINUTES segment on him BUT I heard they chose heroin. I think it is shameful, so I am trying to do something about it. Arthur contributed in a significant way to the world of entertainment and I thought it was common sense for the networks to recognize him. If Arthur just Produced RUDOLPH, I think that is enough to recognize him BUT he won a Peabody for THE HOBBIT, Produced series like THE JACKSON FIVE SHOW, THUNDERCATS and THE KING KONG SHOW, Produced feature films like THE LAST UNICORN and MAD MONSTER PARTY, etc. etc. His influence is seen in Tim Burton films, PIXAR films and many other animated films. I will keep trying 

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