Saturday, August 24, 2013

HALLOWEEN is coming! may want to visit Eric Pigors website for some Trick or Treats!
I became aware of Eric's work last October at the very cool RANKIN/BASS' MAD MONSTER PARTY event at the Van Eaton Galleries!  He created two of the best pieces in the show :)
As far as animation goes, he worked on the FAMILY DOG.   He worked at WALT DISNEY FEATURE ANIMATION 1987 thru 2002, doing clean up art mostly on the villians. His favorite character was HADES on Hercules and the hyenas on LION KING.
He went back in 2008, to work on Princess and the Frog. Disney closed the cel animation division in 2002,  opting to move forward (or backward, depending how you look at it) with CGI.
He sold Disney studios, an original idea called SILLY HILLBILLYS ON MARS, but it went no where there beyond 3 drafts, unfortunately. He also designed characters on TREATSURE PLANET & MICKEYS RUNAWAY BRAIN.
He did his own 7 minute cartoon called ,”LETS CHOP SOO-E! “ with INTERNATIONAL ROCKETSHIP LTD in Canada back in 1990. It played on MTV’S LIQUID TV and a few  ANIMATION TOURNESS.
He did character designs on ED EDD AND EDDYS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL BOO HAW HAW, he turned the kids into his monster characters.
He has been doing TOXITOONS SINCE 1999, complete with books and merchandise,  Eric came up with the name in 1987 for postcards he was doing.
He also has an App called Monsterpieces Created by his friend ERIC DANILES, who worked with him at Disney.  Check it out!
He has some cool masks based on his characters made by TRICK OR TREAT STUDIOS.  TRICK OR TREAT is releasing masks based on RANKIN/BASS' MAD MONSTER PARTY characters for Halloween, 2014 :)
He has created art for haunted houses Netherworld, Boneyard fx,Hollweeen horror nights,Nightmare new England and created art for bands like Metallica,Ghastly Ones and some other horror bands.
He also did covers for FROM THE TOMB Horror magazines.

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